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Record 1601 thru 1650 of 2682

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Cline, Lafayette Twp. Clinton Jan 23,1886 Jacob Cline Lucy Cline Lucy Gibson Detail
Clay, Gower,Clinton Co,Mo Clinton Feb 20,1886 Dyke Clay Harriet Clay Harriet Payne Detail
Clark, Platte Twp.Clinton Co,Mo Clinton Feb 13,1886 Hiram Clark Maggie Clark Maggie Ray Detail
Clay, Gower,Mo Clinton Mar 18,1886 Joseph Clay Ango Clay Ango Wills Detail
B. Mable Cooper C.M.N.E.Lathrop Clinton May 30,1886 William F.Cooper Amelia M.Cooper Amelia M.Battle Detail
Carpenter, Lafayette Twp. Clinton Apr 2,1886 James B.Carpenter Mary J.Carpenter Mary J.Parker Detail
Cartwill, Plattsburg,Mo Clinton Mar 17,1886 Thomas Cartwill Annie Cartwill Annie Meads Detail
Creek, Atchison Twp. Clinton Apr 15,1886 Jacob Creek Martha J.Creek Martha J.Sparks Detail
Ralph McDvar Campbell Clinton Co,Mo Clinton Apr 5,1886 John A.Campbell Agnes Eliza Campbell Agnes Eliza Gibson Detail
Carter, Concord Twp. Clinton July 4,1886 John D.Carter Hester E.Carter [Blank] Detail
Carter, Plattsburg,Mo Clinton July 28,1886 Law L.Carter Polly S.Carter Polly S.Creed Detail
Clark, Clinton Co,Mo Clinton July 17,1886 John A.Clark Nannie L.Clark Nannie L.Brown Detail
Chappell, Lafayette Twp. Clinton July 27,1886 Robert F.Chappell Fannie L.Chappell Fannie L.Weedier Detail
Asile Edmon Cates Atchison Twp. Clinton Aug 18,1886 Benjamin C.Cates Indiana Cates I.Stawberry Detail
Ettryl Cooper Concord Twp. Clinton May 20,1886 Lucien D.Cooper Lilian D.Cooper Lilian D.McWilliams Detail
Crowley, Plattsburg,Mo Clinton Sept 26,1886 Chas Crawley Lydia P.Crowley L.P.Stodard Detail
Creek, Lafayette Twp. Clinton Nov 11,1886 Abraham M.Creek Elia Creek [Blank] Detail
Campbell, Plattsburg,Mo Clinton Dec 5,1886 E.Campbell Emma Campbell Emma Hampton Detail
Crawford, Atchison Twp. Clinton Feb 5,1887 Paeston Crawford Matilda E.Crawford Matilda Detail
Albert C.Clark Lafayette Twp. Clinton Mar ? 1887 Wm J.Clark Harrett Clark Harrett Sherman Detail
Crane, Platte Twp. Mo Clinton Mar 11,1887 ? Crane Francis M.Crane Francis M.Bevins Detail
Calvert, Grayson,Mo Clinton Mar 20,1887 Howard G.Calvert Fannie Lee Calvert Fannie Lee Zirkle Detail
Cartwell, Plattsburg,Mo Clinton May 29,1887 John Cartwell Laura F.Cartwell Laura F.Meads Detail
Charles Conway Lathrop,Mo Clinton July 18,1887 Geo W.Conway Mannie E.Conway Mannie E.Hubband Detail
Lennie Cooper Caldwell Co,Mo Clinton Aug 26,1887 Wm F.Cooper Amelea M.Cooper Amelea M.Battle Detail
Muke Gibson Cline Lafayette Twp.Mo Clinton Sept 18,1887 Jacob T.Cline Lucy Cline Lucy Gibson Detail
Cartwell, Near Plattsburg,Mo Clinton Aug 25,1887 James Cartwell M.Cartwell M.Hattie Detail
Church, Platte Twp Clinton Nov 5,1887 John Church Francis E.Church Francis E.Baxter Detail
Doolan, Cameron,Mo Clinton Aug 23,1883 John Doolan Alice C.Doolan Alice C.Fobin Detail
Duff, Cameron,Mo Clinton Sept 27,1883 Simon Duff Harriet Duff Harriet Lewis Detail
Dever, Jackson Twp. Clinton Oct 6,1883 J.C.Dever Josephine Dever Josephine Holt Detail
Downing, Clinton Co,Mo Clinton Nov 11,1883 Mathew Downing Sadie J.Downing Sadie J.Wilkinson Detail
Doak, Cameron,Mo Clinton Oct 3,1883 Thomas Doak Sarah Doak Sarah Coffing Detail
Davis, Plattsburg Clinton Nov 4,1883 Earnest Davis Mary F.Davis Mary F.Birck Detail
Delia Daily Turney Clinton Nov 29,1883 Patrick Daily Delia Daily Delia Crane Detail
Dixon, Concord Twp. Clinton Dec 20,1883 Virgil Dixon Nancy M.Dixon Nancy M.Young Detail
Edgar Dykes Plattsburg,Mo Clinton Dec 13,1883 Chas.F.Dykes Emma Dykes Emma Smith Detail
Chas H.Dermin Lathrop,Mo Clinton Jan 19,1884 James F.Derkin Lutie C.Derkin Lutie C.Wilkerson Detail
Devers, Hardin Twp. Clinton Dec 23,1883 Soloman T.Devers Amanda Devers [Blank] Detail
Devior, Hardin Twp. Clinton Jan 17,1884 Lou H.Devoir Bernica Devoir Bernica Brown Detail
Decker, blank Clinton Feb 24,1884 Frank Decker Mary Decker [Blank] Detail
Daniels, Cameron,Mo Clinton Mar 25,1884 C.W.Daniels Martha Daniels [Blank] Detail
Davis, Cameron,Mo Clinton Mar 27,1884 James Davis Annie Davis Annie Cunningham Detail
Davis, Concord Twp. Clinton May 11,1884 Louis Davis Nancy Jane Davis Nancy Jane James Detail
Jesse G.Delana Platte,Mo Clinton Apr 12,1884 William Jasper Delana Mildard A.Delana M.A.Snodgrass Detail
Walter F.Douglass Lathrop,Mo Clinton Apr 17,1884 W.?L.Douglas Martha R.Douglas Martha R.Maxwell Detail
Downey, Clinton Co,Mo Clinton May 11,1884 ? Downey Jane Downey Jane Branham Detail
Delaney, Lafayette Twp. Clinton May 4,1884 Jasper Delaney Mary E.Delaney Mary E.Pierce Detail
Danity, Lathrop,Mo Clinton June 18,1884 J.Cail Danity Emily J.Danity Emily J.Spencer Detail
Duncan, Platte Twp. Clinton June 3,1884 Plaibroke S.Duncan Mary Duncan Mary Sevems Detail
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