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Record 2901 thru 2950 of 2975

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Lee, Mary Alice Campbell Twp Greene 1-20-1890 Albert Lee Detail
Cates, Kate Cave Spring, Mo Greene 3-2-1890 Ed Cater Detail
Burrow, Ida Mo Greene 2-16-1890 John M. Burrow Detail
Lindsay, Edith Mo Greene 2-10-1890 Samuel Lindsay Detail
Gromotham, Willard, Mo Greene 2-2-1890 Silas Gromotham Detail
Johnson, Lee ? Springfield, Mo Greene 3-7-1890 Paul Johnson Detail
Grant, Abba Pearl, Mo Greene 3-27-1890 John A. Grant Detail
Cates, Mo Greene 3-2-1890 Ed Cates Detail
Rolen, Cave Spring Greene 3-13-1890 Wesley Rolen Detail
Cass, Springfield, Mo Greene 3-20-1890 James Madison Cass Detail
McMahan, Springfield, Mo Greene 3-26-1890 Albert McMahan Detail
Edwards, Springfield Greene 3-28-1890 Unknown Detail
Lemmons, Walnut Grove, Mo Greene 3-7-1890 James B. Lemmons Detail
Gibson, Charles Henry Springfield, Mo Greene 4-19-1890 Wm J. Gibson Detail
Edmison, Cave Spring Greene 4-16-1890 Samuel P. Edmison Detail
Gorman, Sacville, Mo Greene 4-20-1890 ? Gorman Detail
Hill, Edward Springfield, Mo Greene 11-26- Tho Langford Hill Detail
Fyffe, Buckley Greene 5-28-1890 Will C. Fyffe Detail
Jones, Jackson Tp, Polk Co., Mo Greene 5-26-1890 Isaac L. Jones Detail
Hill, Pansy Maud Nicholas St., Springfield, Mo Greene 5-26-1890 Frank Hill Detail
Erskins, Eline Harcourt Springfield, Mo Greene 6-14-1890 George W. Erskins Detail
Killingsworth, Harrold, Mo Greene 7-14-1890 L. C. Killingsworth Detail
Moore, Walnut Grove, Mo Greene 7-27-1890 Noah Moore Detail
Rodman, Walnut Grove, Mo Greene 8-5-1890 Charles Rodman Detail
Garrett, Cave Spring Greene 8-4-1890 Peter Garrett Detail
Stepp, Mo Greene 8-20-1890 Thos Stepp Detail
Mitchell, Cave Spring, Mo Greene 10-9-1890 Jesse Mitchell Detail
Sewell, Bonnie Gorman Mo Greene 10-31-1890 Jas W. Sewell Detail
Rolan, Effie Cave Spring, Mo Greene 11-8-1890 Jacob Rolan Detail
Pruess, Springfield, Mo Greene 12-6-1890 John Pruess Detail
Campbell, Pearl Greene 12-11- Wm Campbell Detail
? holan, Pearl Greene 12-12- Phil ? holan Detail
McCarty, Garfield ? Greene 12-17- McCarty Detail
Connell, Sacville Greene 12-2- Wood Connell Detail
Lindsay, Sacville Greene 12-5- Thomas Lindsay Detail
Farron, Simpson Cave Spring Greene 11-29- John Farron Detail
Morton, Greene 1-11-1891 John Morton Detail
Neff, Cave Spring Greene Alfred E. Neff Detail
Whitlock, Ralph Cave Spring Greene 1-2- Richard Whitlock Detail
McBee, Mo Greene 1-15- William McBee Detail
Seehons, Boone Tp, Mo Greene 1-29- W. A. Seehons Detail
Pitman, W. Grove Tpp Greene 1-5-1891 A. J. Pitman Detail
Atchly, Bishop, Mo Greene 8-27-1891 J. ? L. Atchly Detail
Wade, Greene 1-12-1891 B. J. Wade Detail
Jaroutte, Greene 1-13-1891 Phil Jaroutte Detail
Sfiraginos?, Greene T. F. Sfiraginos ? Detail
Smith, Greene Co. Greene 9-7-1891 Simon J. Smith Detail
Jenning, Missouri Greene 8-16-1891 R. H. Jenning Detail
Fortner, Cave Springs, Mo Greene 9-14-1891 Wm Fortner Detail
McLin, Cave Springs, Mo Greene 9-17- Wm R. McLin Detail
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