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Record 2901 thru 2950 of 2975

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Russell, Greene Co. Greene August 14, 1885 Russell, William Russell, Hannah Detail
Mullenax, Pernnie Greene Co. Greene September 08, 1885 Mullinax, Joseph Mullinax, Mary L. Detail
Johnson, Greene Co. Greene September 06, 1885 Johnson, James Johnson, Annie Detail
Hicks, Joseph Greene Co. Greene September 02, 1885 Hicks, Nelson Hicks, Merry L. Detail
Purselly, Winnie Campbell Twp Greene August 20, 1885 Purselly, W. Addison Purselly, Clara J. Detail
Beshears, Henry Greene Co. Greene September 17, 1885 Beshears, John B. Beshears, Molly Susan Detail
Culp, William N. Springfield Greene August 20, 1885 Culp, William Culp, Hattie Detail
Ball, Cass Twp Greene August 29, 1885 Ball, Mrogan Ball, Margaret Detail
Williams, Thomas Lewis Cass Twp Greene September 02, 1885 Williams, Eli Denny Williams, Martha L. Detail
Cora Blanch Young Clay Tp Greene 01/09/1884 James Young Detail
Roger Young Greene Co Mo. Greene 07/15/1884 George T Young Nettie A. Young Wharton Detail
Young, Springfield Greene 08/11/1884 Samuel Young Judith Rebecca Young Weaver Detail
Young, Walnut Grove Tp Greene 08/18/1884 James T. Young Ellen M. Young Killingsworth Detail
Estelle Young Cass Tp Greene 09/19/1884 Rolen Alonzo Young Susan Young Watson Detail
Clarence Young Taylor Tp Greene 03/02/1886 Geo T. Young Nellie A Young Whurton Detail
Young, N Springfield Greene 08/06/1886 S.M. Young Lula Young Wagner Detail
Isaac, Springfield Greene 12/15/1887 Ransom Youtsler Marion J Youtsler Miller Detail
Zink, Centre Tp Greene 10/09/1884 W.T. Zink Mary Zink Gibson Detail
Joseph R. Zurn Springfield Greene 01/04/1887 Peter E Zarn Maria Zarn Masugg Detail
Belle Zabel Springfield Mo Greene 04/21/ Edward Zabel Mary Zabel M Fuller Detail
Not Provided N. Springfield Greene Feb. 25, 1887 Sutten J. Doyle Katie C. Doyle Davis Detail
Not Provided Greene Co., Mo. Greene Mar. 8, 1887 D. S. Darrel Martha Darrell Burbee Detail
Not Provided Walnut Grove Tp. Greene Mar. 18, 1887 Thos. B. S. Denby E. Missoui Denby McMasters Detail
Geo. Leonard Springfield Greene Apr. 10, 1887 Leornard Darrelson Mary C. Darelsen Slol Detail
Not Provided W. Grove Greene Apr. 28, 1887 Wm. A. Denby May Denby McMaster Detail
Not Provided Cass Tp. Greene Sept. 8, 1887 John B. Dodson Martha O. Dodson Samer Detail
Not Provided Cass Tp. Greene Sept. 8, 1887 Leslie H. Davis Clara E. Davis Collug Detail
Not Provided Greene Co. Greene Nov. 12, 1887 Charles Davis L. I. Davis Smith Detail
Not Provided Polk Co., Mo. Greene Oct. 12, 1887 Saml. H. Denby Mary A. Denby Flemmon Detail
Not Provided Clay Tp. Greene Oct. 19, 1887 D. Frank Davis Sarah Davis Kinser Detail
Not Provided Clay Tp. Greene Mar. 1, 1888 Geo. M. Davis M. A. Davis Ratrock Detail
Not Provided 1003 Campbell St. Greene July 4, 1888 B. P. Doss Nancy E. Doss Mure Detail
Walter T. Dunnler N. Springfield Greene Aug. 17, 1888 Louis P. Dunnler Nettie B. Dunnler Gatts Detail
Not Provided Walnut Grove Greene Sept. 10, 1888 T. B. I. Denby E. M. Denby McMasters Detail
Not Provided Walnut Grove Greene May 6, 1888 William Davis Julia Davis Smith Detail
Nora, Springfield Greene Dec. 2, 1888 Geo. W. Donihill Georgie Ann Donihill Snow Detail
Donnelson, E. G. Springfield Greene Dec. 24, 1888 L. Donnelson Mary C. Donnelson Stall Detail
Not Provided Springfield, Mo. Greene Feb. 20, 1889 Wm. P. Davis Maggie E. Davis Stout Detail
Not Provided Polk Twp., Dade Co., Mo Greene Oct. 28, 1888 Albert Dickinson Hattie Dickinson Huyck Detail
Not Provided Mo. Greene Apr. 18, 1889 Alfred S. Duffee Mary A. Duffee Kelley Detail
James Elsey Deeds Springfield Greene Nov. 15, 1889 James C. Deeds Martha A. Deeds Latta Detail
Everett, Greene Mar. 8, 1884 Everett Baker Everett Detail
Evans, Greene Co., Mo. Greene Apr. 22, 1884 Frank B. Evans Zonia M. Evans Mitchell Detail
Edgington 7th Ash Grove Greene Apr. 29, 1884 John W. Edgington Nancy Ann Edgington Casey Detail
Leo. Ellenburg Springfield Greene July 31, 1884 Paul M. Ellenburg Hattie W. Ellenburg Ellenburg Detail
Everly, Washington Tp. Greene Sept. 9, 1884 David N. Everly H. F. Everly Russell Detail
Evans 7th Strafford Greene Sept. 18, 1884 Joseph Evans Norma A. Evans Potter Detail
Edminston, North Springfield Greene Dec. 29, 1884 Benj. H. Edminston Ira Nellie Edminston Millan Detail
Erp, Cass Tp. Greene Jan. 1, 1885 Robert N. Erp Addie M. Erp Johnson Detail
Everett, Springfield Greene Feb. 6, 1885 R. E. Everett E. N. Everett Tilus Detail
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