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Record 101 thru 150 of 2975

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
McEthaney, Walter C. Clay Twp Greene September 07, 1885 McEthaney, Arklon W. McEthaney, Mary J. Detail
Wilhoit, Clay Twp Greene September 09, 1885 Wilhoit, John Wilhoit, Elvira Detail
Hightower, Furley Twp Greene October 25, 1885 Hightower, Robert V. Hightower, Lucy Detail
Emery, Clay Twp Greene October 09, 1885 Emery, Perry Emery, Porrelly Detail
Patterson, Clay Twp Greene October 06, 1885 Patterson, Stanton Patterson, Susan E. Detail
Wood, Greene October 26, 1885 Wood, J. C. Wood, Sarah Ann Detail
Burk, James N. Springfield Greene September 15, 1885 Burk, Patrick Jr. Burk, Jane Detail
Randall, N. Springfield Greene October 07, 1885 Randall, Benjamin P. Randall, Sallie Detail
Brumbley, Springfield Greene September 12, 1885 Brumbley, Coeler Gash Brumbley, Anna G. Detail
Stewart, Springfield Greene October 10, 1885 Stewart, William Stewart, Mary Detail
Deir, Springfield Greene October 26, 1885 Deir, William Deir, A. Detail
Waddle, Boone Twp Greene October 18, 1885 Waddle, Martin M. Waddle, Martha N. Detail
Nicholson, Mary Walnut Grove Greene October 12, 1885 Nicholson, John T. Nicholson, Norma Detail
Butcher, Dick Walnut Grove Greene November 08, 1885 Butcher, T. J. Butcher, Josie A. Detail
Stockstill, N. Springfield Greene November 07, 1885 Stockstill, A. Detail
Golts, N. Springfield Greene November 1885 Golts, Charley Golts, Cristina Detail
Killingsworth, Ash Grove Greene August 08, 1885 Killingsworth, Almi Killingsworth, Nancy F. Detail
Coats, Ash Grove Greene July 15, 1885 Coats, S. C. Coats, Fannie E. Detail
Law, Boone Twp Greene October ??, 1885 Law, Charles E. Law, Omy E. Detail
Chandler, Ash Grove Greene September 09, 1885 Chandler, W. T. Chandler, Mary Jane Detail
Hamilton, Cass Twp Greene September 26, 1885 Hamilton, William R. Hamilton, Catherine Detail
Louer, Greene Co. Greene October 01, 1885 Louer, Franklin Louer, Agnes E. Detail
West, Center Twp Greene October 29, 1885 West, Lafayette West, Mary E. Detail
McNabb, Boone Twp Greene May 09, 1885 McNabb, John T. McNabb, Oney O. Detail
Hawkins, Boone Twp Greene May 02, 1885 Hawkins, W. J. Hawkins, Ella C. Detail
Cannon, Allen Boone Twp Greene May 06, 1885 Cannon, William E. Cannon, Perthey Detail
Harper, Boone Twp Greene May 06, 1885 Harper, L. L. Harper, Mary Detail
Collins, Greene Co. Greene June Collins, George Collins, Rachel E. Detail
Woodey, Boone Twp Greene July 04, 1885 Woodey, Joseph H. Woodey, Mona E. Detail
Langston, Campbell Co. Greene October 18, 1885 Langston, Noony M. Langston, Phebe A. Detail
Byrne, Joseph William Springfield Greene October 19, 1885 Byrne, James Byrne, Margaret Detail
Smith, Joseph E. N. Springfield Greene October 19, 1885 Smith, David Smith, Katie M. Detail
Rodman, Walnut Grove Greene November 15, 1885 Rodman, Charley Rodman, Aminda L. Detail
Wills, Hasburg Twp Greene November 17, 1885 Wills, Davis C. Wills, Harriett Detail
Lee, Cass Twp Greene November 05, 1885 Lee, Albert Lee, Elizabeth Detail
Arbuckle, Washington Twp Greene November 03, 1885 Arbuckle, Thomas F. Arbuckle, Georgia Ann Detail
Lee, Clay Twp Greene November 18, 1885 Lee, Add Lee, Francis M. Detail
Brockman, Jackson Twp Greene November 14, 1885 Brockman, Charles S. Brockman, Louisa Jane Detail
Keener, Springfield Greene July 16, 1885 Keener, M. Detail
Varpold, Charlotte Julia Springfield Greene November 18, 1885 Varpold, Cobb H. Varpold, Pauline A. Detail
Heice, Co. Poor House Greene October 16, 1885 Heice, Miss Sallie Detail
Kirby, Springfield Greene October 14, 1885 Kirby, Henler Kirby, Detail
Hatfield, Springfield Greene November 12, 1885 Hatfield, Charles L. Hatfield, Elizabeth H. Detail
McCroskey, Springfield Greene November 11, 1885 McCroskey, William McCroskey, Elizabeth Detail
Aldridge, Springfield Greene November 28, 1885 Aldridge, Willia, Aldridge, Margaret Detail
Dodds, Mary S. Near Cave Spring Greene November 23, 1885 Dodd, William H. Dodd, Manerva C. Detail
Peck, Cass Twp Greene November 08, 1885 Peck, George V. Peck, Hertie B. Detail
Vickers, Myrtle May Cass Twp Greene November 02, 1885 Vickers, John M. Vickers,Elizabeth T. Detail
Staut, Springfield Greene December 05, 1885 Staut, D. Detail
Rogers, N. Springfield Greene November 25, 1885 Rogers, E. T. Rogers, M. S. Detail
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