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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Ida Wolf Jackson township Grundy Jan 7, 1889 Ephriam Wolf Carrie E. Wolf Crawford Detail
Winters, Gault Grundy Feb 28, 1889 Joshua H. Winters Mary E. Winters Bernard Detail
Wainpiggles, Trenton, MO Grundy Jan 6, 1889 B. W. Wainpiggles Nancy E. Wainpiggles Coles Detail
Oliver Willis Jefferson township Grundy July 23, 1889 S. Willis Sarah Willis Pond Detail
Williams, Trenton, MO Grundy June 23, 1889 Job Williams Elizabeth Williams Caywood Detail
Willis, Liberty township Grundy Aug 24,1889 James A. Willis Melody Willis Jackson Detail
Wilson, Franklin township Grundy Sept 4, 1889 Job Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Seres Detail
Ian Oliver Willis Liberty township Grundy Nov 11, 1889 John Willis Francis E. Willis Poley Detail
Whan, Grundy co, MO Grundy Dec 14, 1889 William F. Whan Mary E. Whan Kent Detail
Weaver, Tenton, MO Grundy Apr 16, 1890 Allen Weaver Bell Weaver Cooper Detail
Alda Wade Gault, MO Grundy Apr 1, 1890 William A. Wade Ida B. Wade Buster Detail
Woodress, Trenton Grundy July 9, 1890 Thomas A. Woodress Eliza Woodress Hoskins Detail
Webster, Grundy co Grundy Sept 15, 1890 Charles W. Webster Alice M. Webster Shoney Detail
Wilford, Myers township Grundy Feb 7, 1891 D. T. Wilford Martha Wilford Cooksey Detail
William Waters Gault Grundy Apr 2, 1891 E. L. Waters Sarah Waters Woodson Detail
Ward, Trenton, MO Grundy Dec 23, 1890 J. W. Ward Mary O. Ward Vanderpool Detail
Victor Dale Winters Trenton Grundy Aug 31, 1891 James Winters Lilly D. Winters Mitchell Detail
Warton, Grundy co Grundy Oct 18, 1891 J. L. Warton Amanda Warton Johnson Detail
Twins, Woods Trenton, MO Grundy Oct 22, 1891 L. V. Woods Sarah C. Woods Cook Detail
Wilhelm, Trenton, MO Grundy Mar 5, 1892 S. M. Wilhelm S. W. Wilhelm Detail
Wilson, Franklin township Grundy July 18, 1892 Thomas Wilson Elizabeth Wilson Sires Detail
Webber, Trenton, MO Grundy Sept 3, 1892 George Webber Jenny Webber DePaul Detail
Winters, Gault Grundy Aug 16, 1892 W. J. Winters Caroline Winters Bunch Detail
Wright, Trenton Grundy June 12, 1892 Thomas B. Wright Margaret B. Wright Robinson Detail
Wardup, Trenton Grundy Apr 1, 1892 J. H. Wardup Mary E. Wardup Gesslin Detail
Wyatt, Trenton Grundy Nov 5, 1892 U. H. Wyatt Sarah E. Wyatt Brown Detail
Young, Trenton Grundy Feb 14, 1884 Anthony Young Anne Young Detail
Yeager, Alpha Grundy Mar 15, 1885 William Yeager Almulda Yeager Coffin Detail
Young, Spickardsville Grundy May 4, 1885 Wiley Young Hanna Jane Young Ellis Detail
Young, Grundy co Grundy Mar 2, 1887 Wiley Young Hanna Young Ellis Detail
Yaney, Trenton Grundy Jan 20, 1889 Joseph S. Yaney Addie S. Yaney Skinner Detail
Rosa Lee Yocum Trenton Grundy Feb 24, 1889 Unknown Clara Yocum Detail
Zeigler, Wilson township Grundy Aug 8, 1884 Adolph Zeigler Lydia Zeigler Holloway Detail
Zoller, Grundy co Grundy July 14, 1886 Angelus Zoller Martha Zoller Keith Detail
Alice Zoller Grundy co Grundy May 16, 1889 Angelus Zoller Martha Zoller Keith Detail
Franklin Township Grundy co, Grundy aug 28, 1883 Thomas Hanes Josephine Hanes Detail
Taylor Township, Grundy Nov 8, 1883 John Dewitt Julia Dewitt Detail
Liberty Township Grundy dec 4, 1883 John W. Rogers Mary A. Rogers Detail
Spickardsville, MO Grundy dec 29, 1883 William C. Barnes Fannie Barnes Detail
Spickardsville, MO Grundy nov 26, 1883 Benjamin Bosley Louisa A. Bosley Detail
Trenton, MO Grundy dec1, 1883 James Williams Letha Williams Detail
Liberty Township Grundy Jan 3, 1884 Charles N. Dewey Mary F. Dewey Detail
Trenton, MO Grundy Jan 13, 1884 Calvin Ray Lucy Ray Detail
Taylor Township Grundy feb 10, 1884 Walter Perry Alice Perry Detail
Corneau, MO Grundy march 14, 1884 Robert Haughtly Sarah Haughtly Detail
Harrison Township Grundy John Crawford Lucy Crawford Detail
Corneau, MO Grundy june 13, 1884 Jasper N. Sheppard Mattie E. Sheppard Detail
Jackson Township Grundy july 25, 1884 William Attedinfer Nancy Jane Attedinfer Detail
Grund Co, MO Grundy May 3, 1884 Alexander Hamilton Sarah E. Hamilton Detail
Galt, Grundy Co, MO Grundy june 19, 1884 W. H. Rusk Elizabeth Rusk Detail
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