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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Gray, Trail Creek Township Harrison Oct 11, 1885 Jessie B. Gray America Gray America Bennett Detail
Grenawalt, Ethel Colfax Township Harrison Dec 1, 1885 Elza Grenawalt Bee Grenawalt Bee Turner Detail
Green, Anson Shafin Bethany, Missouri Harrison Jan 7, 1886 Fred F. Green Jennie Bell Green Jennie Bell Cross Detail
Gibson, Ara Fox Creek Township Harrison Jan 2, 1886 James B. Gibson Emma Jane Gibson Emma Jane Souv??? Detail
Graham, Colfax Township Harrison Jan 11, 1886 Andrew A. Graham Jannice Graham Jannice Swift Detail
Gillispie, Crystina Jefferson Township Harrison Dec 25, 1885 John Gillispie A.R. Gillispie A.R. Taylor Detail
Garner, Bethany, Missouri Harrison Feb 23, 1886 Perry W. Garner Martha E. Garner Martha E. Carson Detail
Gutshall, Adams Township Harrison Feb 5, 1886 Hiram M. Gutshall Lidia Alice Gutshall Lidia Alice Broulis Detail
Gibson, Fox Creek Township Harrison Feb 6, 1886 A.J. Gibson Alice Gibson Alice Hain Detail
Glaze, Agnes Bethany, Missouri Harrison Mar 2, 1886 Saul Glaze Lucy Glaze Lucy Cuddy Detail
Gillidetti, Bethany, Missouri Harrison Mar 17, 1886 Miles S. Gillisetti Mary J. Gillidetti Mary J. Randsifouse Detail
Geraldo, James Edward Washington Township Harrison Mar 4, 1886 John Geraldo Unity Geraldo Unity Leman Detail
Gillpatrick, Hamilton Township Harrison Feb 25, 1886 Charles Richard Gillpatrick Missouri Ella Gillpatrick M.E. Gibbons Detail
Grace, Britta Amanda Dallas Township Harrison Mar 24, 1886 James Grace Araminta Grace A. Chittan Detail
Gardner, Jacob Walter Harrison County Harrison Feb 24,1886 William G. Gardner Emily J. Gardner - Detail
Guess, Rosie Union Township Harrison Mar 3, 1886 Madison Guess Eva Guess Eva Bales Detail
Gilpatrick, Luna Victoria Hamilton Township Harrison Feb 26,1886 Charles R. Gilpatrick Ellen M. Gilpatrick E.M. Gwens Detail
Glaze, Marion Township Harrison Apr 24, 1886 George W. Glaze Bell Glaze Bell Millburn Detail
Gillispie, Cypress Township Harrison Apr 22, 1886 Timothy Gillispie Alwilda Gillispie A. White Detail
Graham, Colfax Township Harrison May 14, 1886 John R. Graham Lucinda Francis Graham L.F. Brooks Detail
Garman, William Clarence Sugar Creek Township Harrison May 18, 1886 B.F. Garman Eva Garman Eva Kine Detail
Gamble, Ettie Pearl Sugar Creek Township Harrison Feb 8, 1886 Seth Gamble Ida C. Gamble Ida C. Taylor Detail
Gilburt, Hattiet Lorilla Dallas Township Harrison Jun 7, 1886 Harry A. Gilburt Sarah Ann Gilbert A.S. Reynolds Detail
Grahaus, Marion Township Harrison Jun 12, 1886 Frank Graham Florence Graham Florence Redman Detail
Grabill, Mt. Moriah, Harrison Jul 14, 1886 David Grabill Lucy Grabill Lucy Dowan Detail
Grant, Marion Township Harrison Jul 31, 1886 Levi L. Grant Sarah Grant S. Bennett Detail
Gunney, Jefferson Township Harrison Sep 18, 1886 Jasper Gunney Mary Evelain Gunney M.E. Lloyd Detail
Grunawalt, Ora Amos Colfax Township Harrison Sep 2, 1886 John L. Grenawalt Fannie Grenawalt F. Robinson Detail
Grant, Albert O. Marion Township Harrison Oct 8, 1886 Isaac H. Grant Lydia C. Grant L.C. Renfro Detail
Goble, Butler Township Harrison Aug 31, 1886 Jasper Goble Mary Ann Goble M.A. Jeffries Detail
Goodknight, Trail Creek Township Harrison No Listed J.H. Goodknight Ann Eliza Goodknight A.E. Adkinson Detail
Goucher, Lillie May Sherman Township Harrison Nov 6, 1886 David Albert Goucher Harriet Louisa Goucher Harriet Louisa Haight Detail
Gipson, Manley W. Ridgeway, Missouri Harrison Nov 25, 1886 Joseph L. Gipson Eva Gipson Eva Lee Detail
Glenn, Molly Anne Dallas Township Harrison Aug 9, 1887 Philander C. Glenn Serene C. Glenn Serene C. Fish Detail
Gill, Colfax Township Harrison Oct 3, 1887 James M. Gill Emma E. Gill Emma E. Thompson Detail
Gibson, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Jul 12, 1887 James B. Gibson Emma J. Gibson Emma J. Sovern Detail
Golphere, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Nov 23, 1887 Abyah Golphere Minerva Golphere Minerva Haiatt Detail
Graham, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Jan 9, 1887 James Graham Mary Graham Mar Weatkins Detail
Gamble, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Jan 15, 1887 Gilbert Gamble Mary E. Gamble Mary E. Nickerson Detail
Gates, Herman Grant Township Harrison Dec 4, 1886 Jane Gates Anna E. Gates Anna E. Handella Detail
Gilliland, Fox Creek Township Harrison Feb 4, 1887 Calvin Gilliland Flora May Gilliland Flora May George Detail
Glen, James Martinsville, Missouri Harrison Jan 18, 1887 James Glenn Anna Glen Anna Watson Detail
Loman, Cora E. Adams Township Harrison Oct 20, 1886 Cyrus Loman Clara P. Loman Clara P. Spears Detail
Gray, Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Feb 17, 1886 Rhenbino Gray S.A. Gray S.A. Masirgey Detail
Gault, Cora Ellen Union Township Harrison Mar 13, 1887 Joseph E. Gault Tina Elizabeth Gualt Tina Elizabeth Grimstead Detail
Green, William Henry Sugar Creek Township Harrison Mar 14, 1887 George F. Green Josie Green Josie McCulloch Detail
Graham, Franklin C. Sugar Creek Township Harrison Mar 12, 1887 George B. Graham Sucretia A. Graham Sucretia A. Smith Detail
Graves, Bolton, Missouri Harrison Mar 6, 1887 Bradford Graves Sylvester Graves - Detail
Grabble, Harrison Mar 12, 1887 Eli B. Grabble Ellin R. Grabble - Detail
Gibson, James Roy Harrison County, Missouri Harrison Nov 17, 1887 A.J. Gibson Alice May Gibson Alice May Dickerson Detail
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