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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mable Clifton Plains Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.9, 1884 William Clifford Plains Tillie May Plains Tillie May Detail
Wiseman, Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.2, 1883 James Wiseman Wiseman Gilmore Detail
Crigler, Howard Nov.21.1883 Joseph Crigler Frances Crigler Frances Vanlandingham Detail
Marshall, Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.12, 1884 William N Marshall Jeffie Marshall Jeffie Eades Detail
Gilmore, Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.23, 1883 A J Gilmore Elizabeth Gilmore Elizabeth Freat Detail
Taylor, Chariton Tp.Howard Co. Howard Feb.9, 1884 David Taylor Kate Taylor Kate Page Detail
Anderson Lewis Howard Co.MO. Howard Nov.15, 1883 J W B Lewis Mary Emma Lewis Mary E Egleheart Detail
Mary Neville Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.23, 1883 James Neville Mary Ann Neville Mary A O'Love Detail
Giles, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Oct.5, 1883 Amanda Giles Detail
Brown, Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.14, 1884 Charles R Brown Rosa Belle Brown Rosa Richardson Detail
Steceham, Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.18, 1884 David Steceham Detail
Dantell, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Jan.21, 1884 George F Dantell Edmonia W Dantell Edmonia Hunt Detail
Rosetta Jane Mitchell Burton, MO. Howard Jan.30, 1884 Patrick John Mitchell Torrian Elizabeth Mitchell Torrian Bunch Detail
Janet Alexander Ballantine Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.3, 1884 William Ballantine Sarah Jane Ballantine Sarah J Pettipiece Detail
Orle Humes Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.11, 1884 Henry D Humes John Ellen Humes John E Maddox Detail
Saddarth, Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.18, 1884 Andrew J Saddarth Mildred A Saddarth Mildred Libenick Detail
Moss, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.3, 1884 J W Robert Moss Ann Elizabeth Moss Ann Darby Detail
Sarah R Dodson Boonsboro,Howard Co. Howard Feb.7, 1884 John K Dodson Mary A Dodson Mary Campbell Detail
Pensher, Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.3, 1884 James Pensher Elizabeth Pensher Elizabeth Wilkenson Detail
Crigler, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.21, 1884 George Crigler Sarah Crigler Sarah Cropp Detail
Hilton, Boonslick,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.18, 1884 George Hilton Susan Burton Susan Burton Detail
Edna Hagedon Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.17, 1884 Ditma Hagedon Frederica Hagedon Frederica ?rarmak Detail
Rains, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.5, 1884 Nellie Rains Nellie Rains Detail
Fannie & Jennie George(Twins Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.7, 1884 Joseph T George Martha T George Martha Silva Detail
Elizabeth Banger Dudgeon Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.12, 1884 Kit Manion Sophia Dudgeon Sophia Dudgeon Detail
George Henry Craig(Twin) Russell,MO. Howard Feb.22, 1884 James Henry Craig Emily J Craig Emily Warford Detail
Martha Louisa Craig(Twin) Russell,MO. Howard Feb.22, 1884 James Henry Craig Emily J Craig Emily Warford Detail
Columbus Brown Burton, MO. Howard Feb.14, 1884 Nick W Brown Julia Ann Brown Julia Brown Detail
Price, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.12, 1884 Joel T Price Nannie E Price Nannie Shelton Detail
Helena Johnson Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.15, 1884 O A Johnson Lou Johnson Lou Johnson Detail
Parker, Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.8, 1884 A G Parker Ida Parker Ida Clark Detail
Shaw, MO. Howard Feb.20, 1884 George W Shaw Mary Shaw Mary Cethers Detail
Minor, Moniteau Tp.Howard Co. Howard Jan.6, 1884 Adolpheus Minor Louise Minor Louise Ridgeway Detail
Houston, Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.24, 1883 Met Houston Met Houston Detail
Tolson Twin Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Feb.15, 1884 Rheubin Tolson Missouri Tolson Missouri Boone Detail
Tolson Twin Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Feb.15, 1884 Rheubin Tolson Missouri Tolson Missouri Boone Detail
Ernest Harvey Richmond Tp.Howard Co Howard Mar.12, 1884 William Harvey Mary Eliza Harvey Mary Jones Detail
Davis, Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.20, 1883 Joseph Smith Davis Ella Davis Ella Dickerson Detail
Preston, Fayette,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.25, 1884 J S Preston Puss S Preston Puss Smith Detail
Weiler, Steimetz,MO. Howard Feb.26, 1884 Benjamin Weiler Kate P Weiler Kate Steimetz Detail
Lutz, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.7, 1884 William Lutz Mary Lutz Mary Shaffer Detail
Carson, Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.2, 1884 Sarah Carson Sarah Carson Detail
Felix Payne Glasgow,Howard Co.MO. Howard Feb.26, 1884 Louis F Payne Lucy Payne Lucy Payne Detail
Joseph A H Lesley Howard Co.MO. Howard Mar.11, 1884 John W Lesley Mary W Lesley Mary Carson Detail
Knox, Sebri?,Howard Co.MO Howard Mar.6, 1884 William Knox Mandy Knox Mandy Wio? Detail
Joseph C Tolson Sebri?,Howard Co.MO Howard Mar.17, 1884 James P Tolson Marie E Tolson Marie Bury Detail
Charles W Dodson Howard Co.MO. Howard Dec.26, 1883 Thomas Dodson Nancy E Dodson Nancy Susan Detail
Bowin, Landmark, MO. Howard Dec.25, 1883 Charles D Bowin Claxton Detail
Herm, Moniteau Tp.Howard Co. Howard Jan.24, 1884 Charles Herm Annie Herm Annie Reeves Detail
Hicks, Howard J R Hicks Martha Ann Hicks Martha Schasklett Detail
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