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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Edward Ormsby Willow Springs, MO Howell Nov 28, 1890 George W. Ormsby Ellen Ormsby Sweazy Detail
Gracie Fay Sudbury Willow Springs, MO Howell Nov 26, 1890 Elijah Sudbury Ella Sudbury Shrewes Detail
Beryl Fordyce Kennedy Mountain View, MO Howell Dec 6, 1890 Edward K. Kennedy Sarah A. Kennedy Corker Detail
Elizabeth Ingold Howell Co, MO Howell Dec 21, 1890 Volney Ingold Parthma E. Ingold Wright Detail
David Fredrick Garroway West Plains, MO Howell Dec 11, 1890 James B. Garroway Emila Gassoway Albright Detail
Mary E. Peninger Mountain View, MO Howell Dec 14, 1890 William L. Peninger Artiamicia Peninger Roberds Detail
Tarrar, Goldsberry Twp Howell Dec 15, 1890 Geo. W. Farrar Mary J. Farrar Buff Detail
Alexander F. Acree or Acru Sisson Twp Howell Sep 23, 1890 Geo. H. Acru Almira Acru Brower Detail
Flemming, Walter D Mt View Howell 01/15/1890 James E Flemming Dora A Flemming Dora Hart Detail
Ferguson, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 02/25/1890 George Ferguson Mina Ferguson Detail
Forsythe, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 07/19/1890 Richard V Forsythe Naoma Forsythe Naoma Noll Detail
Featheringill, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 11/05/1890 W H Featheringill Sarah E Featheringill Sarah Randleman Detail
Farrar, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 12/15/1890 Geo W Farrar Mary J Farrar Mary Buff Detail
Fouts, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 06/07/1891 A L Fouts Susan Fouts Susan Smith Detail
Fossett, Mt View, Mo. Howell 03/15/1892 Norval A Fossett Mary L Fossett Mary McCleland Detail
Gaston, Isaac Sherwood Mt. View, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 09/23/1883 Joseph Gaston ----- Gaston ----- Fisher Detail
Green, Dry Creek, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 10/15/1883 A J Green Martha Green Martha Howell Detail
Galloway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/18/1883 James R Galloway Allice Gallaway Allice Bolin Detail
Green, M L West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/15/1884 Chas Franklin Green Malinda Chatharin Green Detail
Green W H D Howell Co.Mo. Howell 02/28/1884 H D Green Mary A Green Mary Monks Detail
Gilliam, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 03/15/1884 Geo T Gilliam Manervia E Gilliam Manervia Cox Detail
Goacher, West Plains, Mo. Howell 03/19/1884 John D Goacher Martha Victoria Goacher Martha Shires Detail
Gorley, West Plains, Mo. Howell 04/21/1884 Shoflet E Gorley Isabel A Gorley Isabel Stewart Detail
Greene, Ethel West Plains, Mo. Howell 03/26/1884 Albert Jackson Greene Ella Patience Greene Ella Smith Detail
Garrett, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 05/18/1884 Levi M Garrett T G Garrett T G Mustin Detail
Green, Jessee May Howell Co.Mo. Howell 05/05/1884 James Henry Green Hannah Belle Green Hannah Poe Detail
Green, Chas Leonidas West Plains, Mo. Howell 06/08/1884 Joseph Ludley Green Mary D Green Mary Dilzers Detail
Galloway, Lewellen Howell Co.Mo. Howell 10/01/1884 Chas Galloway Idoney Galloway Idoney Gr?gg Detail
Greene, Stella Pearl Siloam Springs,Mo. Howell 11/20/1884 Sigma Joseph Rice Green Belle Morgan Green Belle Fox Detail
Gassaway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/29/1884 James B Gassaway Emily Gassaway Detail
Gordon, Brandsville, Mo. Howell 07/03/1885 Larkin Gordon Elisa Gordon Elisa Wall Detail
Gray, Simon S Chapel Tp.Howell Co.Mo. Howell 07/24/1885 Wm Henry Gray Emma Arebella Gray Emma Ballinger Detail
Goosnell, Wm Grant Brandsville Howell 01/19/1886 James F Goosnell Alderina E Goosnell Alderina Turner Detail
Gunn, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/25/1886 William C Gunn Indiana Gunn Indiana Lauman Detail
Galloway, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 08/28/1886 Chas M Galloway Susa Ida Galloway Susa Gregg Detail
Galloway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 11/02/1886 George W Galloway Louisa Galloway Detail
Gallinger, Florence West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/08/1886 B F Gallinger L A Gallinger L A Shaffer Detail
Groves, Rosa Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 01/16/1887 Marion W Groves Louisa Groves Louisa Jones Detail
Green, Frank Olden West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/25/1887 Henry D Green Mary A Green Mary Monks Detail
Gorman, Norma Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 07/16/1887 Jacob W Gorman Rosa E Gorman Rosa Soughlin Detail
Goacher, West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/27/1887 John D Goacher Martha Goacher Detail
Gano, Olden, Mo. Howell 10/03/1887 Wm Gano Naoma Gano Detail
Gruber, Olden, Mo. Howell 01/04/1888 S A Gruber Susan Gruber Detail
Gallinger, West Plains, Mo. Howell 06/08/1888 Benj F Gallinger Laura A Gallinger Laura Shafer Detail
Galloway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/30/1888 Geo W Galloway Louisa J Galloway Louisa Sinclair Detail
Gasaway, Annie May West Plains, Mo. Howell 09/05/1888 Jas B Gasaway Emily Gasaway Emily Albricht Detail
Galloway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 09/30/1888 Sam'l J Galloway Vista V Galloway Vista Clark Detail
Gramilich, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 01/15/1889 Chris Gramlich Mary E Gramlich Mary Burgess Detail
Galloway, West Plains, Mo. Howell 03/24/1889 Chas M Galloway Susan I Galloway Susan Gregg Detail
Grissett, H B Dixon West Plains, Mo. Howell 11/15/1889 C P Grissett Maggie Grissett Maggie Anglin Detail
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