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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Holden, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 11/25/1889 Fletcher Holden Mary A Holden Mary Buff Detail
Hickman, Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 11/17/1889 I M Hickman Lena Hickman Lena Parks Detail
Hunt, Chapel Tp. Howell 10/20/1889 John M Hunt Lucy L Hunt Lucy Miller Detail
Hull, West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/03/1890 Henry C Hull ----- Hull ----- Owens Detail
Hogan, Jack Evans West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/09/1889 Robt S Hogan Christa Hogan [Christia Mennick] Detail
Hill, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/11/1890 Carrick S Hill Eva Saville Hill Eva Arbogast Detail
Hightower, Chappel Tp. Howell 03/18/1890 A P Hightower Eliza J Hightower Eliza Bridgett Detail
Harris, Jessie Maude Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 04/22/1890 Frank Harris Alice Harris Alice Sherman Detail
Hines, Edward Goldsberry Tp. Howell 05/18/1890 Louis J Hines Mary Hines Mary Thomas Detail
Hunt, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 07/21/1890 Owen Hunt Mary Hunt Mary O'Brien Detail
Hays, Don Burgess Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 10/23/1890 Jesse T Hays Mollie Hays Mollie Burrus Detail
Hunt, Chappel Tp. Howell 02/08/1891 John M Hunt Lula L Hunt Lula Miller Detail
Henry, West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/09/1891 Alfred Henry Eliza F Henry Eliza Bays Detail
Humphrey, Goldsberry Tp. Howell 02/03/1891 Albert M Humphrey Mertie M [H]umphrey Mertie Hoover Detail
Hogan, David Lee West Plains, Mo. Howell 04/29/1891 Robert S Hogan Christia Hogan Christia Minneck Detail
Heckart, Ernest Harry Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 06/24/1891 George W Heckart Amanda P Heckart Amanda Stephenson Detail
Hammond, Mary West Plains, Mo. Howell 08/07/1891 Robert R Hammond Catherine Hammond Catherine White Detail
Hope, Chappel Tp. Howell 09/04/1891 John J Hope Mary J Hope Mary Durnell Detail
[Hunt], Howell Co.Mo. Howell 12/12/1892 Owen Hunt May Hunt May O'Brien Detail
[Hadon], West Plains, Mo. Howell 01/22/1893 George M Hadon Dasie D Hadon Dasie Tillford Detail
Hard, Unie G West Plains, Mo. Howell 03/27/1893 Samuel T Hard Florence H Hard Florence Gillette Detail
Hann, Mt View Howell 05/20/1893 John J Hann Sarah ? Hann Sarah Wiggs Detail
[Hunter], Sisson Tp. Howell 09/06/1893 Phillip Hunter Sarah M Hunter Sarah Boyer Detail
Hill, Union Hill,Howell Twp No."2" Howell 01/17/1894 Sterling J Hill Solona S Hill Solona Gordon Detail
Hunter, Howell Tp.No."2" Howell 01/23/1894 William Hunter Margaret M Hunter Margaret Callahan Detail
[Hammond], Sisson Twp. Howell 04/18/1894 James A Hammond Bettie Hammond Bettie Moore Detail
Hogan, Roland B Pine Creek Howell 04/28/1894 John Hogan Martha Hogan Martha Lovan Detail
Hutchinson Fisk Burnham,Mo. Howell 04/29/1894 James P Hutchinson Tempy E Hutchinson Tempy Emery Detail
Harveston, Howell Twp. No. 2 Howell 07/21/1894 John Wm Harveston Annie Harvester Annie Marcum Detail
[Hindle], Sisson Twp. Howell 09/21/1894 Edward W Hindle Mary E Hindle Mary Nesbit Detail
Harlan, Anna West Plains, Mo. Howell 02/21/1895 La?y D Harlan Lucy D Harlan Lucy [Winkler] Detail
Ingold, Emma J West Plains, Mo. Howell 10/19/1887 Jas A Ingold Sarah E Ingold Sarah Woodsy Detail
Ingold, Howell Tp. Howell 11/09/1887 Dobson Ingold Nancy J Ingold Nancy Cox Detail
Ingold, West Plains, Mo. Howell 12/09/1889 Wm V Ingold Parthina E Ingold Parthina Wright Detail
Ivas, Elsa Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 03/08/1889 Charles Ivas Marie Ivas Marie Reiser Detail
Ingold, Elizabeth Howell Co.Mo. Howell 12/21/1890 [Wm] Volney Ingold Parthina E Ingold Parthina Wright Detail
Ingold, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 02/12/1892 Dobson Ingold Nancy E Ingold Nancy Cox Detail
[Ingram], Dry Creek Twp. Howell 08/26/1894 Henry Ingram Lula Verna Ingram Lula Hellman Detail
Jackson, West Plains, Mo. Howell 06/18/1884 Thomas Jackson Mary F Jackson Mary Farr Detail
Jones, Delly E Siloam Springs,Mo. Howell 12/11/1884 Henry H Jones Lucy Jones Lucy Fitzwater Detail
Jones, West Plains, Mo. Howell 03/18/1885 Milliard Fillmore Jones Martha A Jones Martha Cheshire Detail
Jones,Wm A Howell Co.Mo. Howell 02/19/1886 Henry W Jones Margaret C Jones Margaret Davidson Detail
Jackson, West Plains, Mo. Howell 09/29/1886 Wm E Jackson Ellen F Jackson Ellen Sager Detail
Jenkins, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 08/30/1886 Wm H Jenkins Mariah Jenkins Mariah Phillips Detail
Johnson, Ada West Plains, Mo. Howell 07/26/1887 Chas A Johnson Susa V Johnson Susa Barshear Detail
Jackson, West Plains, Mo. Howell 08/13/1887 W E Jackson Ella F Jackson Ella Sargree Detail
Jones, West Plains, Mo. Howell 05/18/1888 M[illiard] F[illmore] Jones [Martha] Mattie A Jones Mattie Cheshire Detail
Johnson, Howell Co.Mo. Howell 04/15/1889 Everett S Johnson Ida Johnson Ida Baer Detail
Jordon, West Plains, Mo. Howell 06/18/1889 Wm B Jordon Sarah E Jordon Sarah Anderson Detail
Johnson, John Willow Springs,Mo. Howell 06/10/1889 Isaac Johnson Del. Johnson Del. Taylor Detail
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