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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Lucy Ann Weller Chapel Twp.MO. Howell Apr.22, 1884 Henry W. Weller Nancy J. Weller " " Carter Detail
John W. Livesay Goldsberry Twp. Howell Apr.27, 1884 John J. Livesay Sarah J. Livesay " " Dornel Detail
Henry Sharp South Fork Twp. Howell Apr.14, 1884 James M. Sharp Mary K. Sharp " " Akeman Detail
Callahan, Spring Creek,Twp. Howell Apr.3, 1884 Louis F. Callahan Rhoda Callahan " " Belcher Detail
Ada Lee Pitts West Plains,MO. Howell Apr.4, 1884 Philander F. Pitts Hattie Voron Pitts " " Woodside Detail
John Fancy Thomas Goldsberry Twp. Howell Apr.3, 1884 William Thomas Sarah E. Thomas " " Warren Detail
Drew, West Plains,MO. Howell May 14, 1884 James B. Fren Isa D.Fren Cleavinger Detail
Ray, West Plains,MO. Howell May 16, 1884 David Ray Mary Ray " " Rodgers Detail
Garrett, Howell Co.MO. Howell May 18, 1884 Levi M. Garrett T.G. Garrett " " Mustion Detail
Turner, West Plains,MO. Howell May 16, 1884 George Turner Martha Turner " " Howell Detail
Sherwood Dunne Howell Co.MO. Howell May 3, 1884 J.B. Dunne Hester Ann Dunne " " Lerose Detail
Sherwood Erastus Mendenhall Howell Co.MO. Howell May 13, 1884 sidney Mendenhall Frances Mendenhall Johnson Detail
Henry Sherwood Smith Howell Co.MO. Howell May 14, 1884 Wm.P. Smith Rebecca J. Smith Seires Detail
Charles Henry Brown Willow Springs.MO. Howell Apr.30, 1884 John Brown Rebecca Brown " " Bolin Detail
Nellie Elvira Weller Howell Co.MO. Howell Apr.20, 1884 C.F. Weller Julia Catherine Weller " " Buff Detail
James W. Shelton Howell Co.MO. Howell May 3, 1884 Francis M. Shelton Mary M. Shelton " " Paul Detail
Davis, Howell Co.MO. Howell May 13, 1884 E.W. Davis Arline Davis Detail
Julia Rossina Ludwig Howell Co.MO. Howell May 7, 1884 Fritz Wm. Ludwig Emma Margarite Ludwig " " St.Clair Detail
Jesse May Green Howell Co.MO. Howell May 5, 1884 James Henry Green Hannah Bell Green " " Poe Detail
Chas. Leonidas Green West Plains,MO. Howell June 8, 1884 Joseph Lindly Green Mary D. Green Dilgen Detail
Luther Sherwood Blyth Howell Co.MO. Howell May 24, 1884 John. A. Blythe Nancy S. Blythe " " Taylor Detail
Carrie Arnold West Plains,MO. Howell May 6, 1884 L.M. Arnold Lou Arnold " " Noe Detail
Mary E Peninger Mtn.View,MO. Howell Dec.14, 1890 William L Peninger Artiamieia Peninger Roberds Detail
Farrar, Goldsberry Twp. Howell Dec.15, 1890 Geo. W Farrar Mary J Farrar Buff Detail
Alexander F Acru Sesson Twp. Howell Sep.23, 1890 Geo. H Axru Almira Acru " " Brower Detail
Keith, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Jan. 11, 1891 Isaha Keith Martha Keith Daughtery Detail
Goldia Johnson West Plains,MO. Howell Jan.27, 1891 James F Johnson Nancy J Johnson Keen Detail
Armielizza Martin West Plains,MO. Howell Feb.5, 1891 Claudius C Martin Mary E Martin Redford Detail
Slvia Willis West Plains,MO. Howell Feb.5, 1891 George Willis Margaret Wittis Silvia Detail
Simpson Thomas Goldsberry Twp. Howell Jan.28, 1891 John Thomas Sarah A Thomas Brewington Detail
Campbell, Chapel Twp. Howell Feb.6, 1891 Lewis B Campbell Frances M Campbell Durnell Detail
Hunt, Chapel Twp. Howell Feb.8, 1891 John M Hunt Lula L Hunt Miller Detail
Henry, West Plains,MO. Howell Feb.9, 1891 Alfred Henry Eliza F Henry Bays Detail
Humphrey, Goldsberry Twp. Howell Feb.3, 1891 Albert M Humphrey Mertie M Umphrey Hoover Detail
Wymer, West Plains,MO. Howell Feb.13, 1891 John H Wymer Elizabeth Wymer James Detail
William R McCord West Plains,MO. Howell Feb.27, 1891 John M McCord Norah L McCord Hunt Detail
Wesley H Wilson Goldsberry Twp. Howell Feb.10, 1891 John C Wilson Birdie Wilson Stineripher Detail
Sherwood H Reese Mtn.View,MO. Howell Feb.14, 1891 John L Reese Maria M Reese Pennel Detail
Webb, Mtn.View,MO. Howell Feb.15, 1891 Albert M Webb Georgia W Webb ' Huss Detail
Pollock, Mtn.View,MO. Howell Mar.1, 1891 Franxis M Pollock Nancy M Pollock Umphrey Detail
William F Cooper West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.5, 1891 Melvin Cooper Lilly Cooper Shinkle Detail
Hallie Frances Pearcy South Fork,MO. Howell Feb.27, 1891 Abraham King Pearcy Cora Lee Pearcy Venlrece Detail
Thurlow Vivian Woodworth West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.19, 1891 Thurlow P Woodworth Ella Woodworth Vivian Detail
Cremeens, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.1, 1891 B T Cremeens Nellie C Cremeens Carpenter Detail
Weinrick, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.27, 1891 Albert Weinrick Annie E Weinrick Lynch Detail
William Brewington Mtn.View,MO. Howell Mar.5, 1891 G P Brewington Nancy J Brewington Ware Detail
James Henry Speirs Mtn.View,MO. Howell Mar.22, 1891 Robert Speirs Mary Speirs Hall Detail
Claire Davidson West Plains,MO. Howell Oct.22, 1890 Joseph R Davidson Maggie Davidson " Hill Detail
David Lee Hogan West Plains,MO. Howell Apr.29, 1891 Robert E Hogan Christina Hogan " Minnick Detail
Rehm, West Plains,MO. Howell May 6 1891 Granger Rehm Ella Rehm " Reed Detail
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