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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Gertrude Crisp West Plains,MO. Howell Nov.10, 1890 William H Crisp Bessie Crisp " " Minnebraker Detail
Edward H Price Willow Springs,NO. Howell Oct.30, 1890 Geo S Price Sarah E Price " " Harris Detail
Featheringill, Willow Springs,NO. Howell Nov.5, 1890 W H Featheringill Sarah E Featheringill " " Randlenian Detail
Elizabeth Bennett West Plains,MO. Howell Dec.10, 1890 Frank Bennett Fanny L Bennett LeFever Detail
Clint Lee Mtn. View,MO. Howell Nov.7, 1890 John J Lee Caroline Lee " " Phipps Detail
Mendenhall, Goldsberry Twp. Howell Dec.9, 1890 Thos S Mendenhall Laura J Mendenhall Allen Detail
Edward Ormsby Willow Springs,NO. Howell Nov.28, 1890 George W Ormsby Ellen Ormsby " " Sweazy Detail
Gracie Fay Sudbury Willow Springs,NO. Howell Nov.26, 1890 Elijah Sudbury Ella Sudbury " " Shrewes Detail
Beryl Fordyce Kennedy Mtn. View,MO. Howell Dec.6, 1890 Edward K Kennedy Sarah A Kennedy Conker Detail
Elizbeth Inglod Howell Co.MO. Howell Dec.2, 1890 Geo S Price Parthina E Ingold Wright Detail
David Frederick Gassaway West Plains,MO. Howell Dec.11, 1890 James B Gassoway Emilia Gassoway Albright Detail
James Moore West Plains,MO Howell Jan.31, 1884 Sam R. Moore Belle Moore Rankin Detail
M.B.V.Paine, Hutton Valley,MO Howell Feb.2, 1884 John Wilson Paine Mary Eliza Paine : Caster Detail
M.L.Green, West Plains,MO Howell Feb.15, 1884 Chas.Franklin Green Malinda Cath.Green Detail
James Galloway Westmoreland West Plains,MO. Howell Jan.8, 1884 Robt. Westmorland Mary Ellen Westmorland Parks Detail
Brown, West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.3, 1884 A.B. Brown Louiza Brown Collins Detail
Liles, Howell Co.MO. Howell Jan.31, 1884 Matison Liles Mady Liles Detail
Webb, Howell Co.MO. Howell Feb.6, 1884 John Webb Neffana Webb Detail
Siby Maud Thomas Howell Jan.27, 1884 J.C. Thomas Margaret CarolinaThomas Detail
Thomas, Howell Feb.29, 1884 John Thomas Sarah Thomas Brewnigton Detail
Edward D. Phelps Mtn. View,MO. Howell Mar.1, 1884 Edward D.Phelps,Jr. Nancy J.Phelps Willbanks Detail
Stokes, Chapel Twp.MO. Howell Mar.7, 1884 James Stokes Milicie C. Stokes Smith Detail
Sarah E. Lewis Mtn. View,MO. Howell Feb.18, 1884 Charley Belew Rhoda Lewis Harris Detail
W.H.D. Green Howell Co.MO. Howell Feb.28, 1884 H.D. Green Mary A. Green Monks Detail
Felts, West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.8, 1884 Benjamin F. Felts Fanny L. Felts Elkins Detail
Bertha Bingaman Howell Co.MO. Howell Feb.23, 1884 John Wesley Bingaman Sarah A. Bingaman Renfrow Detail
Carrick Harris Wyatt Twp. Howell Feb.16, 1884 John Gannoway Meltebarger Hannah E.Meltebarger Renfrow Detail
Joseph Morrison Wyatt Twp. Howell Feb.25, 1884 Joseph Morrison Julianna Morrison McHan Detail
James Louis Buff Goldsberry Twp. Howell Feb.29, 1884 Elijah Carnelious buff Manuda Buff Aden Detail
James Frederick Hener Peace Valley,MO. Howell Feb.20, 1884 Conrad D. Hener Catherine E. Hener Furguson Detail
Williams, Burnham,MO. Howell Mar.8, 1884 James Isaac Williams Alice Williams Detail
Grant Alexander Emerson Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.7, 1884 John H. Emerson Mary Jane Emerson Detail
Wm. Theodore Cross Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.13, 1884 John P. Cross Lucutia Jane Cross Baker Detail
Arthur Mallett Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.3, 1884 Lafayette Mallett Sabria O. Mallett Bolin Detail
James Thomas Strain Willow Springs,MO. Howell Mar.3, 1884 Andrew B. Strain Lucinda Strain Livesay Detail
Hutchins, Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.23, 1884 Jackson Hutchins Laurena Hutchins Detail
Gilliam, Howell Co.MO. Howell Mar.15, 1884 Geo. T. Gilliam Manervera E. Gilliam Cox Detail
Goacher, West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.19, 1884 John D. Goacher Martha Victoria Goacher Shives Detail
Pool, Howell Co.MO. Howell Apr.11, 1884 John Thomas Pool Nancy E. Pool " " Carpenter Detail
Jane McCalister Goldsberry Twp. Howell Apr.21, 1884 Andrew McCalister Mitey McCalister Mitey Robards Detail
Hoover, Goldsberry Twp. Howell Mar.21, 1884 Auson Hoover Elizabeth M. Hoover Lee Detail
Joseph Henry Reho Willow Springs.MO. Howell Mar.19, 1884 Jacob Reho Maggie Reho Gibbs Detail
Graby, West Plains,MO. Howell Apr.21, 1884 Aoflet E. Gorley Isabel A. Gorley " " Stewart Detail
Minnie Matson Sisson Twp.Howell C Howell Apr.10, 1884 Robert C. Matson Harriet Emily Matson " " Gasiway Detail
Wm. Edward Carter Sisson Twp.Howell C Howell Apr.8, 1884 Jesse Lee Carter Sarah Jane Carter " " Tully Detail
Keen, Sisson Twp.Howell C Howell Apr.15, 1884 Alexander W.Keen Honor Keen Detail
Wm. Henry Roach Sisson Twp.Howell C Howell Apr.17, 1884 John Wesley Roach Roseanna Toach " " Rice Detail
Oliver Matson Brown Willow Springs.MO. Howell Mar.25, 1884 Aman G. Brown Sarah Jane Brown Harbaugh Detail
Ethel Greene West Plains,MO. Howell Mar.26, 1884 Albert Jackson Green Ella Patience Green Smith Detail
Wm. Eli Townsend Hutton Valley Twp.MO Howell Mar.28, 1884 Anthony Townsend Sarah A.R.Townsend Epps Detail
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