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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Sherwood Erastus Mendenhall Howell Co.MO. Howell May 13, 1884 sidney Mendenhall Frances Mendenhall Johnson Detail
Henry Sherwood Smith Howell Co.MO. Howell May 14, 1884 Wm.P. Smith Rebecca J. Smith Seires Detail
Charles Henry Brown Willow Springs.MO. Howell Apr.30, 1884 John Brown Rebecca Brown " " Bolin Detail
Nellie Elvira Weller Howell Co.MO. Howell Apr.20, 1884 C.F. Weller Julia Catherine Weller " " Buff Detail
James W. Shelton Howell Co.MO. Howell May 3, 1884 Francis M. Shelton Mary M. Shelton " " Paul Detail
Davis, Howell Co.MO. Howell May 13, 1884 E.W. Davis Arline Davis Detail
Julia Rossina Ludwig Howell Co.MO. Howell May 7, 1884 Fritz Wm. Ludwig Emma Margarite Ludwig " " St.Clair Detail
Jesse May Green Howell Co.MO. Howell May 5, 1884 James Henry Green Hannah Bell Green " " Poe Detail
Chas. Leonidas Green West Plains,MO. Howell June 8, 1884 Joseph Lindly Green Mary D. Green Dilgen Detail
Luther Sherwood Blyth Howell Co.MO. Howell May 24, 1884 John. A. Blythe Nancy S. Blythe " " Taylor Detail
Carrie Arnold West Plains,MO. Howell May 6, 1884 L.M. Arnold Lou Arnold " " Noe Detail
Emma L. Frommel Noblet Mills,Howell C Howell May 29, 1884 Phillip Frommel Annie M. Frommel " " Hymers Detail
Crisp, West Plains,MO. Howell June 28, 1884 William A.Crisp Sarah A. Crisp Boroughs Detail
Jas.Cullen&Jno.ThomasRichonel, Willow Springs,MO. Howell June 8, 1884 Benjamin Richonel Mary Elizabeth Richonel Rackley Detail
Ramsey, West Plains,MO. Howell June 27, 1884 Silas G. Ramsey Anna J. Ramsey Hull Detail
Allcorn, Howell Co.MO. Howell June 14, 1884 Josia Allcorn Ara A.A. Allcorn Davis Detail
Jackson, West Plains,MO. Howell June 18, 1884 Thos. Jackson Mary F. Jackson Farr Detail
Cremeens, West Plains,MO. Howell July 1, 1884 Burd T. Cremeens Nellie C.Cremeens Carpenter Detail
Ellis, West Plains,MO. Howell June 30, 1884 A.J. Ellis M.M. Ellis Griffith Detail
Freeze, West Plains,MO. Howell July 18, 1884 John P. Freeze Caroline O. Freeze Huddleston Detail
Laura May Klost Howell Co.MO. Howell July 22, 1884 Phillip Leo. Klost Matilda E. Klost Hunter Detail
Vivian, West Plains,MO. Howell July 19, 1884 Flay. W. Vivian Lakie M. Vivian Russell Detail
William Renfrow Howell Co.MO. Howell July 20, 1884 William Renfrow Mary B. Renfrow Fitzpatrick Detail
Roy Hale West Plains,MO. Howell July 4, 1884 John F. Hale Martha J. Hale Conkin Detail
Halstead, West Plains,MO. Howell July 18, 1884 John Halstead Louisa Halstead Plumber Detail
Dodd, Howell Co.MO. Howell July 4, 1884 J. F. Dodd Dodd Detail
Minnie Genoritta Brinton West Plains,MO. Howell July 11, 1884 Thos.JeffersonBrinton Sarah Ellen Brinton Simpson Detail
Hailey, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug. 4, 1884 Baisil H. Hailey Lucinda Emeline Hailey " " Simpson Detail
Bolin, West Plains,MO. Howell July 21, 1884 Columbus T. Bolin Jessee Elizabeth Bolin Burgess Detail
Purdy, West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.11, 1884 Smiley A. Purdy Susan D. Purdy Detail
John Moore West Plains,MO. Howell Aug.20, 1884 Henry Moore Sarah C.Moore " " Garrett Detail
Lenard, Sisson Twp.MO. Howell Aug.12, 1884 Isaac Lomery Kebard Elizabeth Lenard " " Goldsberry Detail
Christopher C. Willis Howell Twp.MO. Howell Aug.8, 1884 James Monroe Willis ElizabethAlice Willis " " Maughee Detail
Henry, Howell Twp.MO. Howell July 31, 1884 George M. Henry Martha E.Henry Burroughs Detail
Cantley, Howell Sept.4, 1884 Lafayette Cantley Anna Cantley " " Ludwig Detail
Wallice, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Sept.11, 1884 Wm. T. Wallice Olner Wallice Detail
John Bunnery Hytt Burnham,MO. Howell Sept.7, 1884 Henry H. Hytt Nancy E. Hytt Detail
Watts, Willow Springs,MO. Howell Sept.15, 1884 C.J. Watts Sarah Jane Watts Detail
Smotherman, Mtn. View,MO. Howell Sept.16, 1884 George Smotherman Clarinda Smotherman " " Thomas Detail
Smith, Hullton ValleyTwp.MO Howell Sept.3, 1884 George W. Smith Nancy Smith " " McDonald Detail
Stahl, West Plains,MO Howell Oct.3, 1884 Lewis L. Stahl Kate E. Stahl " " Gardner Detail
Not Provided Howell Detail
Lewellen Galloway Howell Twp.MO. Howell Oct.1, 1884 Charles Galloway Idoney Galloway " " Gragg Detail
Ida May Peace Peace Valley,Howell Howell Sept.10.1884 Rinda Peace Detail
Philson, West Plains,MO Howell Oct.12, 1884 Walter Philson Lucinda Philson " " McCarty Detail
Parker, West Plains,MO. Howell Oct.18, 1884 Elmer E. Parker Hattie Minerva Parker " " Crumb Detail
West, Howell Co.MO. Howell Nov.2, 1884 Wm.T. West Sarah West " " Grisfum Detail
Nellie Smith Burnham,Howell Co. Howell Nov.9, 1884 George Smith Ella Smith " " Keeler Detail
Wise, West Plains,MO. Howell Onov.1, 1884 John H., Wise Margaret J. Bolin " " Bolin Detail
Lillie Harris Willow Springs,MO. Howell Oct.25, 1884 J. M. Harris S. E. Harris " " Furguson Detail
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