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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided near Hemitite, Mo. Jefferson July 26,1884 Augustus Brinkman Eliza Brinkman Eliza Morris Detail
Br???, Big River Twp., Mo. Jefferson Aug.5,1884 John Y. Br?? Louisa Br??? Louisa Dre??an Detail
Brown, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson July 30,1884 Franklin P. Brown Anna M.C. Brown Anna M.C. Canag?? Detail
Bichol, Franz Xaver DeSoto, Mo, Jefferson Sept.1, 1884 Franz Xaver Bichol Adele Bichol Adele Sy???? Detail
Burgess, William Meramec Twp,Jeff.Co., Mo. Jefferson Sept.8,1884 Allen Burgess Maid Burgess Maid Bittick Detail
Brooks, John Henry Plattin Twp. Jefferson Oct.12,1884 James T. Brooks Cynthia Bailey Brooks Cynthia Bailey Detail
Bradley, Ada Pearl Liwisville, Mo. Jefferson Sept.22,1884 Nathan Bradley Frances Ann Bradley F.A. Turpin Detail
Burke, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Oct.26,1884 Christie Burke Eugenia Burke Eugenia Ball Detail
Burke, Iva Louisa DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Oct.17,1884 John M. Burke Louisa Burke Louisa Harvel Detail
Bla??, Jarvis DeSoto, Mo Jefferson Oct.6th,1884 James Bla?? Eugenia Bla?? Eugenia Raloy Detail
B???,Celia Louisa Crystal City, Mo. Jefferson July 12, 1884 Henry Br??? Magdeline Br??? Magdeline Kabel Detail
Bretzuer, Celia Joachim Twp.,Jeff Co. Mo. Jefferson Oct.22,1884 Michael Bretzner Daisley Butzner Daisley Boyer Detail
Beck, Meramec Twp. Jefferson Oct.22,1884 Otto Beck Rosa Beck Rosa Kruzen Detail
Butte, George Franklin Hematite, Mo. Jefferson Nov.17,1884 Andrew N. Butts Laurie Butts Laurie Mai???g Detail
Butler,Lilian Lou Hematite, Mo Jefferson Nov.11,1884 G.W. Butler Me?a M. Butler Me?a M. Garnott Detail
Burke, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Nov.16,1884 Willie Burke Marie Burke Marie Hopkins Detail
B[ur]nbach, Charles Heads Creek, Jeff.co.Mo Jefferson Nov.25,1884 Charles Bu[rn]bach Wilhemminia Bu??bach Wilhemminia Heltd Detail
Buck, Big River Twp. Jefferson Dec.1,1884 John Buck Phoebe J. Buck Detail
Bona[c]ke[n],Catherine Mary Anna Maxville, Jeff.Co., Mo. Jefferson Oct.4,1884 Henry J. Bona[c]ke[n] Anna Bona[c]ke[n] Detail
Beisbarth,Wm. Paul DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Dec.3,1884 Chas. Beisbarth Arella Ann Beisbarth Arella Ann Bustin Detail
Bonacker, Mer. Twp. Jefferson Dec. 21,84 August Bonacker Anna Bonacker Harre Detail
Byrns, Frances Elizabeth Plattin Twp. Jeff. Co. Mo. Jefferson Jany.2, 1885 Felix G. Byrns Charlotte Irene Byrnes C.J. Vingard Detail
Blackwell, George DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Jany.2, Hareway Blackwell Lizzie Blackwell Lizzie Merray Detail
Bradford, Jefferson County Jefferson Febry.11,1885 Joseph Bradford Jane Bradford Jane Mercer Detail
Boyce, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Feby2,1885 Willis Boyce Anne Boyce Anne Routh Detail
Brummell, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Feby.19,1885 Eugene Brummell Emma Brummell Emma S[a]ismore Detail
Bell, Plattin Twp. Jefferson Feby.27[15]1885 William J. Bell Bessie Bell Bessie Snowdell Detail
Boyce,Chas.William DeSoto,Mo. Jefferson Jany.15,1885 John Louis Boyce Clara Sargent Boyce Clara Sargent Detail
Bower, George Rock Creek Jefferson Mch.20,1885 William Bower Sofa Bower S. File Detail
Bolye, Victoria Central Twp. Jefferson Mch.26,1885 Name not known Susan Bolye Detail
Brauk, Annie High Ridge Jefferson April 13,85 Albert Brauk Jennie Brauk Jennie Kailletz Detail
Boe?ler, Mer.Twp.Jeff.Co.Mo. Jefferson April 30,1885 Michael Boe?ler Caroline Boe?ler Caroline Geissert Detail
Burns, Lula May Valle Twp., Jeff.Co. Mo. Jefferson May 8,1885 Peter Lafayette Burns Ella Cora Burns Ella Cora Jones Detail
Butts, Hematite, Mo. Jefferson May 21,85 Carrolton Butts Butts Beckett Detail
Baker, DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson June 14,85 Walwine Baker Sarah Baker Sarah Mooning Detail
Brewster, Jno. Alexander Jeff. Co. Mo. Jefferson May 24,1885 John Brewster Clara Francis Baker Clara Francis Schnider Detail
Bittick, Eisrllia Buck Creek Jefferson June 30,1885 Willie Marion Bittick Artemice Bittick Artemice Harvest Detail
Bohue, Jefferson Co. Jefferson July 3,1885 John Bohue Ellen Bohue Crutcher Detail
Burgan, Lewis Francis Jefferson June 25,85 Louis Burgan Eliza Burgan Detail
Bowan, Louise Dutch Creek Jefferson 9-Jul-85 Peter Boman Kate Bowan Kate Previthe or Preavett Detail
Bergen, Near House's Springs Jefferson June 6,85 James Bergen Lucinda Bergen Harness Detail
Barsly, William Kimmswick Jefferson August 5,/85 Andrew Barsly L[uw]ena Barsly L. Finch Detail
Burrell, Uyron Louis Near Silica, Joachim Twp. Jefferson Aug.21,85 Arthur S. Burrell Minnie A. Burrell Eshbaugh Detail
Burgess, Hetty Pearl Near Zion Church Jefferson May 5/85 John T. Burgess Phoebe Eliza Burgess Laffoon Detail
Bucher, Jeff.Co. Mo. Jefferson Sept.9,85 Chas. Bucher Martha Bucher M. Simon Detail
Brands, Lettie Blanche Rush Tower, Mo Jefferson Oct.6,85 Frank W. Brands Harriette Alice Brands H.A. Waggener Detail
Brands, Lottie Belle Rush Tower, Mo Jefferson Oct. 6, 85 Frank W. Brands Harriette Alice Brands H.A. Waggener Detail
Brawroth, Ella Theresa Bushberg Jefferson Sept.24,85 John H. Brawroth Theresa Brawroth Stadtmiller Detail
Boyce, DeSoto Jefferson Oct.8,85 W.G. Boyce E.C. Boyce Donnell Detail
Burgess, Gertrude near Cedar Hill Jefferson Oct.4,85 Joseph Albert Burgess Lucy E. Burgess Lucy E. Edwards Detail
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