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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
WALKER, Chas. Conway Laclede Sep 29, 1885 Charles McKinney Walker Nancy Aletha Walker Kelley Detail
FORGERSON, Walter Ware LaClede Laclede Oct 12, 1885 Z. Forgerson Mary Ellen Forgerson Price Detail
COOK, LaClede Laclede Nov 25, 1885 Henry Cook Allie A. Cook Borm Detail
WILSON, Walter Sigil LaClede Laclede Nov 5, 1885 Robert Samuel Wilson Martha Ann Wilson Lawrance Detail
PETERSON, Thos. J. Nebo Laclede Nov 19, 1885 Thos. B. Peterson Lucinda Peterson Noel Detail
DUREE, Effie Conway Laclede Nov 14, 1885 James Duree Mary Catherine Duree Ragsdale Detail
LAWRANCE, Greenstreet LaClede Laclede Nov 18, 1885 John Dock Lawrance Roenia Lawrance Porter Detail
PAUL, Theodosia LaClede Laclede Oct 23, 1885 Noah S. Paul Martha Ann Paul Sharp Detail
DOTY, Laclede Oct 16, 1885 Harvey Smith Doty Emma D. Doty Detail
WHITE, Wm. Auston Webster Co Laclede Sep 20, 1885 Thomas A. White Ida Francis White Fralich Detail
COLTON, Wright Co Laclede Thos. Colton Mary Ann Colton Odell Detail
JEMES?, Franklin Webster Co Laclede Oct 19, 1885 Benjamine Jemes Sarah Jemes Larimer Detail
DECKORD, Sarah Estella Wright Co Laclede Nov 3, 1885 Geo. W. Deckord Sarah Jane Deckord Cunningham Detail
SIMONS, Wm. Henry LaClede Laclede Dec 23, 1885 Timothy Simons Mary Simons Farmer Detail
ELISON, Wm. Birch LaClede Laclede Dec 19, 1885 Columbus C. Elison Emma J. Elison Frie Detail
WESTER, Ethel May Lebanon Laclede Dec 10, 1883 Wm. Marshall Wester Elizabeth Miller Wester Cook Detail
LUMBAR, Francis D. Lebanon Laclede May 18, 1883 Frank E. Lumbar Mary E. Lumbar Fancher Detail
FOSTER, Competition Laclede Jan 26, 1883 Henry Clay Foster Marinda Emma Foster Colten Detail
KELLERMAN, Edna Lebanon Laclede Sep 24, 1883 Edward Bruce Kellerman Emma Leah Kellerman Leah Detail
BLANKENSHIP, William Lebanon Laclede Aug 12, 1883 William Henry Blankenship Mary A. Blankenship Mundell Detail
MOORE, Avery LaClede Laclede Nov 28, 1883 Samuel Moore Lucinda Jane Moore Soffey? Detail
AVERY, Joseph Reginal Lebanon Laclede Sep 22, 1883 Daniel Avery Mary A. Avery Eddings Detail
PASLEY, Homer Lebanon Laclede Dec 6, 1883 Benjamine Pasley Martha Elizabeth Pasley Horvard Detail
ZELSMAN, Fred Lebanon Laclede Nov 16, 1883 Charles Zelsman Emma Zelsman Hanard Detail
FLICK, Lebanon Laclede Dec 16, 1883 Joseph Flick Virginia Flick Salkie Detail
WESTER, Ethel May Lebanon Laclede Dec 10, 1883 Wm. Wester Elizabeth Wester Cook Detail
WHITTEN, Marcell Old Town Laclede Dec 23, 1883 John Whitten Sallie Whitten Collins Detail
HARRISON, Leander LaClede Laclede Dec 8, 1883 Andrew Jackson Harrison Emla E. Harison Trauv? Detail
STAHL, Thomas H. Lebanon Laclede Aug 24, 1883 Louis F. Stahl Eliza E. Stahl Kennedy Detail
VERNON, Jesmuth LaClede Laclede Sep 27, 1883 J. Archie Vernon Anna P. Vernon Detail
MONROE, Jr. Thomas Lebanon Laclede Sep 30, 1883 Thomas Monroe Sallie Jane Monroe McClury Detail
AYCOCK, Thomas Jackson Lebanon Laclede Oct 10, 1883 G. Thomas Aycock Mary Louise Aycock Buchanan Detail
BRANDON, Patient Alice Conway Laclede Jul 19, 1883 Calvin Daily Brandon Mary Helen Brandon Horvard Detail
BECK, Walter Emmett Conway Laclede Oct 23, 1883 James M. Beck Josephine M. Beck Detail
BRADSHAW, Laclede Nov 2, 1883 Silas R. Bradshaw Mary Susan Bradshaw Detail
WATTERMAN, LaClede Laclede Dec 25, 1883 James W. Watterman Marry Watterman Saunders Detail
MYERS, William Riley LaClede Laclede Nov 19, 1883 Wm. Riley Myers Eliza Elen Meyers Davis Detail
RICHEY, LaClede Laclede Sep 23, 1883 Wm. Richey Martha Richey Aimhouse? Detail
FOWLES?, LaClede Laclede Dec 6, 1883 ? Fowles A. Fowles White Detail
CARROLL, Laura & Nora Lebanon Laclede Sep 6, 1883 Thadeus Nathaniel Carroll Mary Caroline Carroll Campbell Detail
KUHN, Elizabeth H. Lebanon Laclede Jul 25, 1883 M. Kuhn Henrietta Elizabeth Kuhn Detail
CRAWFORD, Hubart Franklin Laclede Aug 6, 1883 Joseph Crawford Margret Crawford Price Detail
SNOW, Charles Homer Washington Laclede Dec 5, 1883 Solomon Snow Susan A. Snow Jipson Detail
GOUSLEY, LaClede Laclede Aug 9, 1883 George Gousley Marge Gousley Detail
BOHANNON, Thoda Almira LaClede Laclede Dec 6, 1883 L. M. Bohannon Sara E. Bohannon Williams Detail
BOHANNON, Emelly Belle LaClede Laclede Nov 28, 1883 Alexander Bohannon Francis Bohannon Williams Detail
KINCHALOE, John Thomas LaClede Laclede Nov 6, 1883 Geo. Robert Kinchaloe Susan Kinchaloe Fitzsimmons Detail
COX, Thomas Carrol LaClede Laclede Jan 17, 1884 Alexander V. Cox Samantha J. Cox Boler Detail
SHAMMEL, Competition Laclede Jan 1, 1884 Thomas Wm. Shammel Mary E. Shammel Reed Detail
MASSEY, Franklin Laclede Jan 1, 1884 Wm. Henry Massey Mary S. Massey Shields Detail
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