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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Percell, Rich Hill Twp. Livingston 09/18/1888 Daniel Percell Flora A. Percell Flora A. Crawford Detail
Arthur Phillips Sampsel Twp. Livingston 09/14/1888 John Phillips Jennie Phillips Jennie Buster Detail
Clem, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 09/19/1888 James J. Clem Alice Clem Alice Bailey Detail
Guilfoil, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 07/19/1888 Sherman S. Guilfoil Sallie Guilfoil Sallie Wright Detail
Gallentine, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 07/10/1888 J.W. Gallentine Mahala Galentine Mahala Smith Detail
Sanders, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 07/25/1888 A.M. Sanders Sallie Sanders Sallie Smith Detail
Tobey, Monroe Twp. Livingston 09/--/1888 William Tobey Susie Tobey Susie Barnes Detail
Brown, Fannie Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 09/21/1888 Worthington Brown Fannie E. Brown Fannie E. -lsray Detail
Snyder, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 09/23/1888 Frank J. Snyder Mary Snyder Mary Simon Detail
Panzy Krouse Sampsel Twp. Livingston 07/28/1888 John George Krouse Nancy Ann Krouse Nancy Ann McColum Detail
Bessie May Caddell Sampsel Twp. Livingston 09/13/1888 James Pusen Caddell Martha Jane Caddell Martha Jane Hughes Detail
Dreon, Wheeling Mo. Livingston 10/04/1888 Henry Dreon Emma Dreon Emma Jennings Detail
Real, wheeling Mo. Livingston 09/06/1888 Henry Real Emma Real Emma Winteroad Detail
Lena [Clevenger] Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 07/07/1888 James Francis Marion Clevenger Margaret Emma [Clevenger] Margaret Emma Peters Detail
Bell Rendall Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 07/20/1888 F. A. Rendall Dora Irene Rendall Dora Irene Hill Detail
Mable Lee Sparling Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 08/02/1888 Charles Wiley Sparling Pett Sparling Pett Alnutt Detail
Hinton, Dawn Mo. Livingston 08/02/1888 George R. Hinton Eleaner Hinton Eleaner Williams Detail
Klophenstein, Ludlow Mo. Livingston 05/19/1888 John Klophenstein Maria Klophenstein Detail
McMillen, Livingston 10/09/1888 Theodore S. McMillen Ida M. McMillen Ida M. Pearsoll Detail
Collins, Wheeling Mo. Livingston 10/12/1888 Frank Collins Collins Dockum Detail
Weckman, Wheeling Livingston 10/09/1888 Frederick Weckman Anna Weckman Anna Dear Detail
Williams, Wheeling Twp. Livingston 10/19/1888 F.E. Williams Ida Williams Ida Whitebread Detail
Bevell, Jackson Twp. Livingston 09/04/1888 Edward D. Bevell Emma F. Bevell Emma F. Orr Detail
Dryden, Sampsel Twp. Livingston 10/21/1888 John R. Dryden Margarett E. Dryden Margarett E. Hoerath Detail
Butcher, Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 10/28/1888 A. Butcher Louisa Butcher Louisa Krick Detail
Huff, Rich Hill Twp. Livingston 09/29/1888 John F. Huff Charlotte E. Huff Charlotte E. Milton Detail
Mathis, Sampsel Twp. Livingston 10/16/1888 Jody Mathis Mary S. Mathis Mary S. Sneed Detail
Roberts, Sampsel Mo. Livingston 10/20/1888 William Roberts Rachel Roberts Rachel Walker Detail
Gibbons, Sampsel Twp. Livingston 10/02/1888 John Gibbons Manda Gibbons Manda Cooper Detail
Boyle, Sampsel Twp. Livingston 10/26/1888 John Boyle Mary J. Boyle Mary J. Sneed Detail
Birdie May Patton Sampsel Twp. Livingston 09/04/1888 Charles W. Patton Lillie May Patton Lillie May Davis Detail
Stewart, 2nd ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 11/08/1888 Robt. Stewart Idah P. Stewart Idah P. Grace Detail
White, Jackson Twp. Livingston 10/11/1888 Frank White Queen Livingston Detail
Strait, Jackson Twp. Livingston 08/08/1888 William Strait Amanda Strait Amanda Weaver Detail
Graham, 4th ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 11/07/1888 Harry Wells Graham Mary Graham Mary Ford Detail
Nay, Wheeling Mo. Livingston 11/17/1888 Justin Nay Anna Nay Anna Dockum Detail
Arnold, Wheeling Twp. Livingston 11/17/1888 Lewis Arnold Lizzie Arnold Lizzie Gandy Detail
James Harrison Fugett Wheeling Mo. Livingston 11/15/1888 Ezriah Fugett Surelda Fugett Surelda Jimason Detail
Cross, 1st ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 11/24/1888 J.C. Cross Martha M. Cross Martha M. Stranman Detail
Saale, Emma Catherine 4th ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 11/25/1888 Charles Saale Anna Saale Anna Dietrich Detail
Tucker, 3rd ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 12/18/1888 Albert H. Tucker Barbara Tucker Barbara McCarthy Detail
Morris, 3rd ward Chillicothe Mo. Livingston 12/19/1888 Edward Morris Louisa Morris Louisa Metzner Detail
Black, Jackson Twp. Livingston 12/20/1888 George Black Alice Black Alice Crumpacker Detail
Hagers, Sampsel Twp. Livingston 11/23/1888 George W. Hagers Nectie Hagers Nectie Nidy Detail
Cashman, Chillicothe Livingston Feb 7 1887 Cashman, Eugene C. Cashman, Ellen Carney Detail
Donahue, Jackson Twp Livingston Mar 18 1887 Donahue, Michael Donahue, Ellen Slattery Detail
Forsythe, Chillicothe Livingston Mar 16 1887 Forsythe, James Forsythe, Icy Schooler Detail
Ford, blank Livingston Dec 21 1886 Gord, J. [Blank] [Blank] Detail
Gallagher, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Mar 8 1887 Gllagher, Thos Gallagher, Mary Gallagher Detail
Hoke, blank Livingston May 21 1887 Hoke, James B. [Blank] [Blank] Detail
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