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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Krickle, blank Livingston Aug 18 1883 Krickle, Godfrey [Blank] [Blank] Detail
Grimes, blank Livingston Sept 24 1883 Grimes, J. P. Grimes [Blank] Detail
Graham, blank Livingston Oct 22 1883 Graham, Samuel Graham [Blank] Detail
Grimes, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Nov 17 1883 Grimes, Henry Grimes Hicks Detail
Smith, Ollie Mary & Onie Grace blank Livingston Nov 4 1883 Smith, Wm. Smith, Hannah Summersville Detail
Kerney, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Nov 19 1883 Kerney, Thomas Kerney, Mary Smith Detail
Pierce, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Nov 16 1883 Pierce, Patrick Pierce, Mary McGuire Detail
Dunlavey, Bridget Chillicothe, MO Livingston Nov 18 1883 Dunleavy, Frank Dunleavy, Bridget Smith Detail
Seaton, Grand River Twp, Liv. Co, Mo. Livingston Dec 27 1883 Seaton, Robt R. Seaton, Mollie Hayden Detail
Haynes, Fairview Twp, Liv. Co, Mo Livingston Dec 37 1883 Haynes, James Wesley Haynes, Margaret Ann Couch Detail
Tanner, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Dec 24 1883 Tanner, A. H. Tanner, Mollie Smith Detail
Graham, Cream Ridge Twp Livingston Jan 1 1884 Graham, William Orville Graham, Mary Elisabeth Ballewyer Detail
Dunlay, Avalon, Mo Livingston Jan 18 1884 Dunlap, William H. Dunlap, Margaret E. Parkinson Detail
Bowes, Fairview Twp, Liv. Co, Mo Livingston Jan 7 1884 Bowes, Gerome Patterson Bowes, Margaret H. Jourdon Detail
Dormois, Carroll Co, MO Livingston Jan 16 1884 Dormois, John P. Dormois, Alice Cobler Detail
Sanders, Chillicothe, Mo Livingston Jan 13 1884 Saunders, Sylvanus S. Saunders, Mollie Stevens Detail
McBride, Chillicothe Twp Livingston Jan 24 1884 McBride, Moses McBride, Ann [Blank] Detail
Carver, James Garner Livingston Co, Mo. Livingston Oct 22 1883 Unknown Carver, America Ashby Detail
Waddell (twins) Sampsel Twp Livingston Jan 8 1884 Waddell, Milton Green Waddell, Brunette Bress Frith Detail
Wolcoxson, Sampsel Twp Livingston Jan 12 1884 Wilcoxson, Sefred Wilcoxson, Julia Emma Hawkiry Detail
Houston, Sampsel Twp Livingston Jan 14 1884 Frazier, Henry Houston Frazier, Josaphine Walker Detail
Sandusky, Mattie Chillicothe Twp Livingston Jan 25 1884 Sandusky, Samule W. Sandusky, Cora R. Carlysle Detail
Wilson, Chillicothe Twp Livingston Jan 27 1884 Wilson, J. W. Wilson, Jennie Hutson Detail
Kite, Monroe Twp, Livingston Co, MO Livingston Jan 24 1884 Kite, Ben. K Kite, Flora Bell Johnston Detail
Ferry, Lilly Pearl Utica, 2nd Ward Livingston Feb 2 1884 Ferry, E. J. Ferry, Jothina Vaughn Detail
Tracy, Chillicothe Livingston Feb 3 1884 Tracy, William Tracy, Mary D. Kemp Detail
Bell, Cream Ridge Twp, Livingston Co, Mo Livingston Feb 6 1884 Bell, John H. Bell, Mary A. Guthridge Detail
Ballew, blank Livingston July 29 1883 Ballew, Athim M. Ballew, Mary Olinger Detail
Knott, blank Livingston Aug 6 1883 Knott, Oscar Knott, Delphn Crayton Detail
Hall, Oscar Douglass blank Livingston Aug 26 1883 Hall, Wm. Hall, Francis Jackson Detail
Shirley, Clara M. Bedford, Mo Livingston Aug 8 1883 Shirley, Elijah Shirley, Lamia Litrell Detail
Simpson, Grand River Twp Livingston Sept 19 1883 Simpson, Mathew Simpson, Laura Shipp Detail
Shepherd, Grand River Twp Livingston Sept 14 1883 Shepherd, Nathan Shepherd [Blank] Detail
Hall, Grand River Twp Livingston Oct 15 1883 Hall, Walter S. Hall, Mary Sawson Detail
Saunders, Bedford, Mo Livingston Oct 16 1883 Saunders, George Saunders, Amanda Parsons Detail
Alexander, Kizzie Pearl Grand River Twp Livingston Nov 1883 Alexander, John Y. Alexander, J. Luticia Mitchell Detail
Bradford, Grand River Twp Livingston Nov 30 1883 Bradford, Henry Bradford, Parallce Brallew Detail
Jones, Grand River Twp Livingston Dec 24 1883 Jones, Andrew [Blank] [Blank] Detail
Pearcu., Walter Milton Jackson twp Livingston Jan 26 1884 Pearcy, Elijah Pearcy, Serrilda Clementine Richardson Detail
Shinogal, Lita Mary Dawn, MO Livingston Jan 15 1884 Shinogal, Ccharles Shinogal, Minerva Smith Detail
Hisson, Infant Near Bedford Livingston Jan 7 1884 Hisson, Henry Hisson, Avan Perry Detail
Rate, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 5 1884 Rate, George Rate, Alice Fawbi Detail
Eaton, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 3 1884 Eaton, Samuel Eaton, Mary Shipp Detail
Knott, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 17 1884 Knott, Vivalda Knott, Jane Crayton Detail
Bryan, Mooresville, Liv. Co. MO Livingston Jan 19 1884 Bryan, William C. Bryan, Scottie Bell Austin Detail
Thomas, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 24 1884 Thomas, Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Cuse Detail
Silvey, Grand River Twp Livingston Jan 26 1884 Silvey, N. G. Silvey, Nancy Wilson Detail
Blue, Utica, Mo Livingston Jan 26 1884 Blue, John L. Blue, Martha A. Field Field Detail
Donner, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Feb 6 1884 Donner, John Donner, Rosie B. McGuire Detail
Crawford, Chillicothe, MO Livingston Feb 12 1884 Crawford, George Crawford, Justine Fettigan Detail
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