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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Donley, Palmyra Mo Marion Aug 26th 1884 B. M. Donley Detail
Kempf Alice Palmyra Mo Marion Oct 4th 1884 John H Kempf. Jr Detail
Erdman Herbert Marion July 29th 1884 Henry Erdman Sarah Erdman Sarah Hagerty Detail
Shoars, Marion April 20th 1884 Andrew Shores Detail
Gallagher, Helton Station Marion March 9th 1884 Abraham Gallagher Detail
Bradshaw, Marion April 5th 1884 George Bradshaw Detail
Turner, Marion April 1st 1884 Stephon Turner Detail
Sanders, Palmyra Mo Marion Feby 5th 1884 Michael Sanders Detail
McDullick, Marion Jany 31st 1884 Edward McDullick Laura McDullick Laura Courtney Detail
Regney, Marion Jany 18th 1886 Joseph Regney Detail
Young, Marion Jany 30th 1884 James E. Young Detail
Grieseker, Palmyra Marion Dec 26th 1884 Albert Grieseker Detail
Stillion, Palmyra Mo Marion Dec 22nd 1884 George Stillion Detail
Myers Ella Palmyra Mo Marion Oct 6th George Meyers Detail
Davis, Marion Aug 20th Lester Davis Detail
Young Ellen Woodland Mo Marion Jany 30th 1885 James Edgar Young Detail
Muder, Woodland Mo Marion February 2nd 1885 Henry Muder Muder Tesie Tessie Quest Detail
Roher, Palmyra Mo Marion April 4 Isaac Roher Detail
Hayden, Woodland Mo Marion April 14th Benj. G. Hayden Alice Hayden Alice Tuly Detail
Crane, Marion June 4th John Crane Sina Crane Sina Warren Detail
Gibbons Ali{ce} Palmyra Mo Marion July 6th Larkin Gibbons Detail
Rothendweld Henry Marion Aug 11th 1885 Matt Rothendweld Detail
Carter, Palmyra Mo Marion Oct 11th Richard Carter Sarah Carter Detail
Gillispie, Marion Nov 6th 188 Thos. B. Gillispie Alice Gillispie Alice Bush Detail
Not Provided West Ely Marion Nov 12th Nancy McClary Detail
Stillion, Marion Jany 7th 188 Frank Stillion Detail
Gray, Palmyra Mo Marion March 30th Jefferson Gray Detail
Carrol, Marion April 4th 1886 Peter Carroll Maggie Carrol Maggie Kelly Detail
Wilson, Fabius Twp Marion April 6th 1886 Robert Wilson Virginia Wilson Virginia Maddux Detail
Johnson, Fabius Twp Marion March 25th 1886 Fielding M Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Elizabeth Ba[rr] Detail
Young, Marion March 31st 1886 Young Barton Young Lucy Lucy Painter Detail
Carson, Mo Marion April 24th 1886 Elisha John Carson Catharine Carson Catharine Kern Detail
Lawrence Willis Grover Hannibal Mo Marion May 10th 1886 Garret W. Lawrence Elizabeth A. Lawrence Elizabeth A. Schroth Detail
Lindsey, Round Grove Twp Marion Co Mo Marion May 21st 1886 Geo. W. Lindsey Angeline B. Lindsey Angeline B. Walters Detail
Bates, Fabius Twp Marion June 19th 1886 A. Bates Ella Bates Ella Johnson Detail
Lovelace, Fabius Township Marion June 14th 1886 Eastham T. Lovelace Arabella Lovelace Arabella Haley Detail
Brown, Missouri Marion July 5th 1886 Anderson Brown Martha Brown Martha Mays Detail
Robinson Minnie May Fabius Township Marion June 22nd 1886 Joseph W. Robinson Mary E. Robinson Mary E. Jenkins Detail
Stout Clifton E. Union Twp Marion Aug 4th 1886 Benj. F. Stout Sallie O. D. Detail
Walker Ernest Andrew Bear Creek Station Hannibal Mo Marion July [20th] 1886 Frank Leslie Walker Molly Ann Walker Molly Ann Fulmer Detail
Schneider Mary Dora Miller Twp Marion Co Marion April 25th 1886 George Schneider Ann Margaret Schneider Ann margaret Strothoff Detail
Bundy Ella Bear Creek Station Marion Co Mo. Marion July 8th 1886 Henry Bundy Isabella Bundy Isabella Harris Detail
Mallory, Fabius Township Marion July 30th 1886 Carson Mallory Lucy Mallory Lucy Modisett Detail
McClellan, Fabius Twp Mo Marion June 3rd 1886 William McClellan Detail
Bowles, Fabius Township Marion Aug 3rd 1886 Douglass Bowles Mildred Bowles Mildred Scott Detail
Johnson, Fabius Twp Marion Aug 6th 1886 American Evaline Johnson Evaline Kneisley Detail
Brockhold, Marion Aug 9th 1886 Herman Brockhold Brockold Detail
Turpin Willard Miller Twp Marion Co Mo Marion Aug 25th 1886 William Beaucamp Turpin Melis[sa] Jane Turpin Melis[sa] Jane McReyno[ld] Detail
Fream, Round Grove Township Marion Oct 29th 1886 Isaac Henry Fream Alsaid[er] Fream Alsaid[er] Winn Detail
Brooks Josephine Bear Creek Miller Twp Mo. Marion Sept 28th 1886 Almer Aiden Brooks Brooks Mary Lu Clay-itte Mary Lu Detail
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