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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Ballew, Mercer Sept10, 1883 Squire Ballew Addie S. Ballew Detail
Warner, George Mercer Co, MO Mercer Aug 5, 1883 Daniel Webster Warner Nancy T. Warner Underwood Detail
Moody, Wm. Emil Princeton Mercer July 10, 1883 James Franklin Moody Susan Ema Moody Brashear Detail
Frost, Princeton Mercer Aug 4, 1883 Jackson M. Frost Rebecca Frost Winchell Detail
Bell, Princeton Mercer Aug 10, 1884 Samuel Bell Hulda Bell Logan Detail
Cochran, Walter Morgan Twp Mercer Aug 6, 1883 Daniel Cochran Mary Cochran MOrganer Detail
Powell, Princton Mercer Sept 25, 1883 John Powell Mary Powell Patton Detail
May, Blanch Princeton Mercer Sept 8, 1883 A.H. May M. H. May Thompson Detail
Carscadden, Anna B. Mercer July 16, 1883 Fred S. Carscadan Hester Carscaden Boyer Detail
Paxton, Wm Princeton Mercer Sept 14, 1883 Wm. C. Paxton Mary J. Paxton Campbell Detail
Spencer, John Henry Madison Twp Mercer July 29, 1883 John Henry Spencer Nancy Spencer Davis Detail
Wall, Nelly May Gatian City Mercer Aug 9, 1883 Adam Wall Mary Jenett Wall Rowell Detail
Sims, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Sept 11,1883 Sirus Sims Nancy Margret Sims Applegate Detail
Youngman, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Sept 19, 1883 Geo. A. Youngman Susie Olive Youngman Snyder Detail
Williams, Princeton, MO Mercer Oct 10, 1883 Butter Packer Allice M. Williams Williams Detail
Handia, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 14, 1883 Lucretia Handia Detail
Griffee, Edward? Princeton, MO Mercer Oct 3, 1883 William Griffee Sarah Griffee Merril Detail
Girdner, Geo. Earl Princeton, MO Mercer Sept 28, 1883 Geo Richard Girdner Emma Ann Girdner Hamblin Detail
Wilson, Princeton, MO Mercer Sept 19, 1883 S. D. Wilson Mary J. Wilson Sexton Detail
Norcross, Harrison Twp Mercer Oct 5, 1883 Newton Norcross Mary M. Norcross Coon Detail
Curtis, Bessie Mercer Co, MO Mercer Sept 17, 1883 Geroge Curtis Lydia Curtis Bowerman Detail
Throgmartin, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 4, 1883 Silas Thogmartin Olive Throgmartin Vanderpool Detail
Coon, Washington Twp Mercer Oct 16, 1883 Amos Siford Goon Martha Mo. Coon Ewing Detail
Cain, Washington Twp Mercer Oct 17, 1883 Peter Cain Lottie A. Cain Hart Detail
Wright, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 10, 1883 James Gordon Wright Nellie Wright Flinn Detail
Patterson, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 19, 1883 Alonzo Patterson Evans Detail
Lindsey, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Sept 22, 1883 Wm. P. Lindsey Mary A. Lindsey Bright Detail
Vanburkirk, Grundy Co, MO Mercer Oct 15, 1883 Ben. Frkln Vanbuskirk Margret Jane Vanburkirk Maxwell Detail
Cornia, Ravanna, Mo Mercer Oct 16, 1883 Patrie ? Cornia Julia cornia Manhan Detail
Wells, Princeton, Mo Mercer Oct 15, 1883 Elijah W. Wells Nancy H. Walls Powell Detail
Nordyke, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Nov 5, 1883 Wm. Riley Nordyke Lina ? K. Norcross Nordyke Detail
Gow, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 29, 1883 James Gow Emily Gow Sullivan Detail
Gay, John Franlin Mercer Co, MO Mercer Sept 2, 1883 Henry Gay Nancy Caroline Gay Adkins Detail
Thompson, Madison Twp Mercer Aug 18, 1883 James Wm. Thompson Dora H. Thompson Canady Detail
Hamilton, Madison Twp Mercer Sept 30, 1883 James C. Hamilton Susan Alice Hamilton McQuerry Detail
Ormsby, Tim? Eugene Madison Twp Mercer Aug 8, 1883 James B. Ormsby Lusy A. Ormsby Heuweker ? Detail
Coon, Princeton, MO Mercer Nov 1, 1883 Richard Coon Mary Ella Coon Ewing Detail
Clemens, Millgrove Mercer Nov 5, 1883 Preston Clemens Lucinda Clemens Hayer Detail
Tucker, Princeton, MO Mercer Oct 24, 1883 Benjamin Tucker Mia Tucker Stewart Detail
Mullins, Millgrove, MO Mercer Oct 18, 1883 Charles B. Mullins Mary Mullins Maxwell Detail
Bain, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Nov 8, 1883 Levi Bain Marma M. Bain Detail
Williams, Harrison Twp Mercer Oct 20, 1883 Newton Williams Lavinia Williams Neeves Detail
Williams, Harrison Twp Mercer Oct 7, 1883 John Williams Susan Williams Owens Detail
Cox, Harrison Twp Mercer July 30, 1883 Franklin cox Bunvista Cox Coleman Detail
Burton, Goshen Mercer Oct 20, 1883 John M. Burton Edna Burton Nash Detail
Williams, Harrison Twp Mercer Aug 17, 1883 Enoch Williams Susan Williams Sturgeon Detail
Oyler, Mercer Oct 28, 1883 William Oyler Jane Oyler Mahaffee Detail
Rutlege, Harrison Twp Mercer Nov 15, 1883 Franklin Rutlege Sarah Rutlege Wright Detail
George, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Aug 15, 1883 Andrew C. George Mary E. George Detail
Perkins, Mercer Co, MO Mercer Oct 3, 1883 Elisha Perkins Emeline Perkins Ogle Detail
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