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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
GARBER, Newton Co., MO Newton Nov. 2, 1883 Sam'l Garber Mary Garber Motley Detail
Not Provided Five Mile Newton Mch 19, 1884 John Price A D Price Judd Detail
SMITH, Hewett Pararie Newton Mch 13, 1884 John F. Smith Rachel H Smith Hewett Detail
?o?? DALE Granby, MO Newton Mch 30, 1884 John Dale Mary E Dale Lake Detail
Sacca CLARK Harmony, MO Newton Mch 31, 1884 John T. Clark Nancy C. Clark Haley Detail
MARSHALL, Franklin Twp Newton Mch 30, 1884 J. T. Marshall Nancy G. Marshall Co???vous Detail
Arthur Earl KINLOCK Seneca, MO Newton Jan 7, 1884 (?85) Robert B Kinlock Eliza M Kinlock Maulding Detail
PRICE, Neosho, MO Newton Jan 7, 1884 (? 1885) Newt J Price Lyda A Price Mathews Detail
KASKINS, Seneca, MO Newton Jan 10, 1884 (?85) Rufus T Kaskins Nancy J Kaskins Meadows Detail
COMSTOCK, Seneca, MO Newton Jan 12, 1884 (?85) Daniel E Comstock Amelia Comstock Shaffner Detail
Horace F JENNINGS Neosho, MO Newton March 19, 1885 John J Jennings Theresa Jennings Theresa Hunter Detail
DALTON, Neosho, MO Newton Feb 21, 1885 Elias Presley Dalton Mary Ellen Dalton Gregg Detail
ROBERTSON, Newton Co., MO Newton Feb 18, 1885 Wm A Robertson Lutitia Robertson Detail
GREER, Marion Twp Newton Mar 18, 1885 Sigle Greer Sarah F Greer Sarah F Nara???? Detail
SHERMAN, Granby, MO Newton Mch 27, 1884 Wm H. Sherman Alwilda Sherman Skelley Detail
STITES, Granby Twp Newton Mch 28, 1844 Henry Stites Mary J. Stites Daniel Detail
Neosho MO Newton Sept 18, 1883 John Proppe Abby D Degraff??? Proppe Detail
Newton Co MO Newton Oct 28, 1883 Wesley McBee Dina McBee Detail
Granby MO Newton Dec 23, 1884 Robt Dale Lucy Dale Detail
Newtonia Twp Newton Feb 21, 1884 B F Grimes Anna W Grimes Detail
Neosho MO Newton Apr 28, 1884 Chas North Maggie North Detail
Neosho MO Newton Oct 14, 1884 J H Beals Alice Beals Detail
Neosho MO Newton Oct 18, 1883 John Jennings Theresa Jennings Detail
Benton Twp Newton Nov 25, 1883 Geo W Garner Sarah C Garner Detail
Mich Newton Dec 22, 1883 Wm Keagly Kate Keagly Detail
Newtonia Twp Newton Apr 10, 1884 Joel H Fowler Maria R Fowler Detail
Neosho MO Newton July 22, 1884 W H Moore Flora Moore Detail
Neosho MO Newton Dec 4, 1884 R M Randle L J Randle Detail
Granby MO Newton July 19, 1883 Samuel Watkins Francis Watkins Detail
Neosho MO Newton Nov 7, 1883 Thomas Tronen Sarintha Tronen Detail
Franklin Twp Newton Jan 30, 1884 Samuel M Moore Martha M Moore Detail
Neosho City Newton Feb 18, 1884 T Hainsworth N E Hainsworth Detail
Franklin Twp Newton Apr 30, 1884 J W Green Mary Green Detail
Newton Co MO Newton Oct 4, 1884 Robert W Bradley Laura J Bradley Detail
Neosho Twp Newton Dec 16, 1884 Luke Hulen Mrs Hulen Detail
Newton Co MO Newton Aug 30, 1883 James Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Detail
Newton Co MO Newton Nov 9, 1883 Jas B Jarrett Marian Booth Detail
Marion Twp Newton Dec 27, 1884 John B Cawyer Sarah E Cawyer Detail
Newton Co Newton 25 of Feb 1884 William Pogue Mary Catherine Pogue Detail
Granby Twp Newton June 1, 1884 J M Durham Mrs J M Durham Detail
Newton Co MO Newton Oct 31, 1884 J H Hale Hattie Hale Detail
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