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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary Anna Long Braggadocio Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 2, 1884 Robert ??? Long Ida B. Amie Long Hobson Detail
Thos. Jefferson Perryman Braggadocio Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 18, 1884 ???? J. Perryman Margaret Lacinda Perryman Rayburn Detail
Wm. Thos. Turner Braggadocio Twp. Pemiscot Dec. 28, 1883 Markin Turner Delia Manerva Turner Coble Detail
Alvin Huffman Cottonwood Pt. Pemiscot Jan. 3, 1884 Franklin Huffman Eva F. Huffman Jackson Detail
Moad, Caruthersville Pemiscot Dec. 9, 1883 Wm. E. Moad Ella Moad Spoo?? Detail
Mary Abmeta Taller Butler Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 30, 1884 Charlie Taller Martha Louisa Taller Lark Detail
Wm. Edward Mixon Pemiscot Jan. 26, 1884 Thos. Mixon L??? E. Mixon Havey Detail
Wm. Thos. Nunnery 1 mile S.E. of Covington Pemiscot Jan. 14, 1884 Willis J. Nunnery Catherine Nunnery Johnson Detail
Luvicy Nunnery Near Covington Pemiscot Jan. 24, 1884 George Nunnery Mary Nunnery Do??? Detail
Evey Spencer Wead Fisher Pemiscot Feb. 9, 1884 Jas. Benj. Wead Mary Eliza Wead Book Detail
Jessie Carker Pemiscot, Mo. Pemiscot Jan. 27, 1884 Edward Carker Eliza Carker ? Detail
Wm. Clarence Boon Pemiscot, Mo. Pemiscot Jan. 27, 1884 Wm. Andrew Boon Sarah Elizabeth Boon ? Detail
Ames Bedford Ray Near Gayoso Pemiscot Jan. 10, 1884 John ? Ray Emiline Ray ? Detail
Wm. Albert McFarlin Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 7, 1884 Gilmore S. McFarlin Mary B. McFarlin Smith Detail
Abade Waits Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 14, 1884 Wm. Waits Elizabeth Waits Detail
Godair, Little River Twp. Pemiscot Mch. 11, 1884 Girard Godair Susana Godair Nicholas Detail
Minly A. Martin Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Feby. 25, 1884 Wm. H. Martin Martha Jane Martin Crockett Detail
Mary Jane Paul Near Lintdale Pemiscot Mch. 3, 1884 Henry Paul Parmilie Paul Lester Detail
Brown, Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Febry. 18, 1884 Geo. W. Brown Martha Brown Barnes Detail
Allie Girmide Bush Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Febry. 29, 1884 Abraham Bush Julia Bush Demose Detail
John Wesley Monroe Gayoso Twp. Pemiscot Mch. 20, 1884 Cyrus Jones Monroe Mamie Monroe Pulliam Detail
Not Provided Cottonwood Point Pemiscot Nov. 23, 1883 Edmond Hickman Mollie Hickman Mollie James Detail
Pleasant Carrydon Tipton Cottonwood Point Pemiscot March 18, 1884 Quincy A. Tipton Martha Ellen Tipton Martha Ellen Garnett Detail
Pearl Sraten Cottonwood Point Pemiscot July 11, 1883 Jeff B. Strathen Belle Strathen Belle Shepard Detail
James Thomas McAllister Cottonwood Pt., Mo. Pemiscot August 20, 1883 John T. McAllister Mary McAllister Mary Henry Detail
Not Provided Cottonwood Point, Mo. Pemiscot October 11, 1883 George W. Helm Alice E. Helm Alice E. Ferrett Detail
Horace Barnett Linch Dale, Mo. Pemiscot November 17, 1883 W.H. Barnett Martha Barnett Martha Hines Detail
Not Provided Near Cottonwood Pt. Pemiscot November 1, 1883 John G. Parker Francis M. Parker Francis M. Nelson Detail
Anna Belle Lacker Near Cottonwood Point, Mo. Pemiscot March 26, 1884 Samuel Lacker Anna Lacker Not Known Detail
Ernest Leffler Gayoso, Pemiscot County, Missouri Pemiscot April 7, 1884 Columbus Leo Leffler Mary Jane Leffler Mary Jane Wilson Detail
Flealy, Cottonwood Pt., Mo. Pemiscot February 3, 1884 John Thulkill Sallie Thulkill Sallie Woaldridge Detail
Not Provided Lint Dale, Mo. Pemiscot February 17, 1884 Wm. W. Wilford Marth Elizabeth Wilford Martha Elizabeth New Detail
Not Provided Lint Dale, Mo. Pemiscot March 3, 1884 Ancus Chism Annie May Chism Annie May Lyerly Detail
Josephine Hull Boxelder Ridge 5 miles W. of Gayoso, Mo. Pemiscot April 18, 1884 Morgan Hull Adaline Evaline Hull Adaline Evaline Merel Detail
Betty Francis McClanahan Boxelder Ridge 5 miles W. of Gayoso, Mo. Pemiscot March 25, 1884 John M. McClanahan Sarah Jane McClanahan Sarah Jane Nelson Detail
Not Provided 2 miles of Covington, Mo. Pemiscot April 3, 1884 Maton Jentry Marcis Jentry Marcis Sawford Detail
Ralph H. Whittenton Covington, Mo. Pemiscot April 18, 1884 John M. Whitenton Lavicy Whitenton Lavicy Kuiy Detail
Myra Cassandra Louisa McFarland Little River Township Pemiscot February 27, 1884 Francis Marion McFarland Susan Olive McFarland Susan Olive Stubbs Detail
Mary Alice Lafferty Pemiscot Co., Mo. Pemiscot April 6, 1884 Andrew Lafferty Mary Matilda Davis Mary Matilda Davis Detail
Winney Viola Brasher Neidmore, Pemiscot Co., Mo. Pemiscot May 26, 1884 James Polk Brasher Nancy Matilda Brasher Edwards Detail
Mary Elsie Schute Gayoso, Mo. Pemiscot July 3, 1884 Huia C. Schult Henrietta DeSalis Schult Ward Detail
Not Provided Caruthersville, Mo. Pemiscot July 2, 1884 Benjamin Franklin Barcroft Elizabeth Barcroft Elizabeth Chandlor Detail
Not Provided Pemiscot Co., Mo. Pemiscot July 11, 1884 John Stout Jane Stout Stephens Detail
Josephine Elvira Meyers Little Prairie Twp. Pemiscot Jan. 25, 1884 John F. Myers Mary E. Myers Biggs Detail
Not Provided Little Prairie Twp. Pemiscot February 4, 1884 James Christopher Crenshaw Melinda Amad Crenshaw Terror Detail
Sallie James Braswell Little Prairie Twp. Pemiscot May 5, 1884 William J. Braswell Mary Ellen Braswell Bruce Detail
Not Provided Caruthersville, Mo. Pemiscot May 7, 1884 James Robinson Elizabeth Jane Robinson Champion Detail
Ruford Alexander Wintz Little Prairie Twp. Pemiscot July 15, 1884 Alexander Hamilton Wintz Mary P. Wintz Longacre Detail
Mike Miah Hensley Near Covington, Mo. Pemiscot 26-Mar John Hensley Victory Hensley Wanning Detail
Jesse May Gayoso Township Pemiscot Aug. 21, 1884 Dennis Stubbs Mary Stubbs Mary Terrott Detail
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