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Record 101 thru 150 of 6880

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
John Francis Roussean 3 SW of Perryville Perry Oct 9 1883 Joseph August Roussean Mary Cl(???)nt Roussean Fri(o)ux Detail
Hel(inef) Ri(??)y Bois Brule townp Perry Co Mo Perry Aug 6 1883 Leo P Re(???) Mary Hel(inf) Re(???) Carnhan? Detail
Wm Fran(vu) Vessell Bois Brule townp Perry Sept 2 1883 Wm Vessell Gertrude Vessell Gertrude Ca(??) Detail
Julius Parnell Saline townp Perry Co Mo Perry Sept 30 1883 John H Parnell Mary L Parnell Mary L John(er) Detail
Albert Lee Phoenix Lithirune? Perry Oct 14 1883 Asa B Phoenix Ellen Phoenix Ella Williams Detail
(I)reverb? V Culli(u)s Lithirune? Springs Perry Sept 11 1883 Albert J Culli(u)s Sarah Ann Culli(u)s Sarah Ann Johnson Detail
Clara Buzett Bois Brule townp Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 18 1883 Isaac E Buzett Roxie M Buzett Roxie M Layton Detail
Mary L Deau Perry Co Mo Perry Oct 7 1883 Joseph Valentine Deau Mary C Deau Mary C Deau Detail
William L Fauning? Lithirune? Springs Perry Oct 15 1883 Homer Jefferson Fauning Laura E Fauning Laura E Braus Detail
Moore, B B township Perry June 22 1885 John Basil Moore Emily Moore Emily Burgee Detail
Johann Otto Valentine Blauken Frohna Mo Perry June 17 1885 John Barthold Emma Meister Detail
Denis Ray Brazeau township Perry June 22 1885 F M Morris Hedwig Pearson Detail
Leon Pius Munier Perry Co Mo Perry July 5 1885 Edward Munier Mary Munier Mary Groh Detail
Anna Belle Barks White Water township Bollinger Co Perry June 24 1885 Jacob Barks Matilda Jane Barks Matilda Jane Blaylock Detail
Henry Robinson St Mary's tp Perry June 17 1885 Thomas Jefferson Robinson Ellen Monica Robinson Ellen Monica Moore Detail
Agnes Amelia Oehlert Brazeau township Perry May 30 1885 John Gottlieb Oehlert Amelia Fr Oehlert Amelia Fr Dietrich Detail
Johannes Friedrick Winten? (twin to 728) Altenburg Mo Perry July 2 1885 Ernst Fr Fac Winten? Catharine Elizab Winten? Catharine Elizabeth Hesse Detail
Manuel Ernest Johannes Walter Altenburg Mo Perry July 1 1885 Herman Walter Mariah Walter Mariah Hesse Detail
Ernst Rudolph Winten? (twin to 726) Altenburg Mo Perry July 2 1885 E F F Winten? Catharine Elizab Winten? Catharine Elizabeth Hesse Detail
Joseph Edward Moll Cinque Homme townp Perry June 24 1885 Lorenz Moll Matilda Emeline Moll Matilda Emeline Maddock Detail
Martha Julian Perry June 20 1885 Rolle(s)t Marion Hahn Susanna Berry Detail
Mary Annie Meister Cinque Homme tp Perry July 10 1885 George Henry Meister Mary Emma Meister Mary Emma Zahner Detail
John Henry Ellis Perry county Perry July 12 1885 John Henry Ellis Mary Catharine Mary Catharine On(ie)ara Detail
Louis William Holtman Perryville Mo Perry June 14 1885 J B Wm Holtman (G)uniganila? Holtman Rau Detail
Mary Bernadine Hunt Perryville Perry June 16 1885 Cornelius Hunt Mary Francis Hunt Mary Francis Hatiet Detail
Not Provided Central townp Perry July 19 1885 Michael Knoll Georgia Knoll Georgia Venable Detail
Not Provided Bois Brule tp Perry July 18 1885 Peter Yaeger Ida Yaeger Ida Franklin Detail
Joseph Emmet Prost Cinque Homme townp Perry May 25 1885 Francis Victor Prost Louise Prost Louise Shott Detail
Mary Theresa Cissell Saline townp Perry July 23 1885 Va(n)ce Cissell Theresa Cissell Theresa Brewer Detail
Joseph Lybarger Brazeau townp Perry July 23 1885 D R Lybarger Flora Earl Flora Earl Milster Detail
Maurice Biehle Jr Cinque Homme tp Perry July 21 1885 Joseph Biehle Mina Biehle Mina Baer Detail
Martha Strei(l)er Saline township Perry July 19 1885 Moritz Strei(l)er Celeste Strei(l)er Celeste Tucker Detail
Joseph Anthony Baudendistil Cinque Homme township Perry July 6 1885 Bernard Baundedistel Anna Josephine Baudendistel Anna Josephine Pingel Detail
Emmet Authur Layton Saline townp Perry July 4 1885 Thomas Albert Layton Marie Anne Layton Marie Anne May Detail
Anna Louisa Zoeller Bois Brule townp Perry July 22 1885 John Phillip Zoeller Mary Louisa Zoeller Mary Louisa Pienick Detail
Cissell, Bois Brule townp Perry July 28 1885 Peter Cissell Mary America Cissell Mary America Burger Detail
William James Layton Central township Perry July 29 1885 James Nicholas Layton Catharine Layton Catharine Manning Detail
Clara Emilie Rosine Wittenberg Mo Perry July 30 1885 Frederick Joseph Goehn(???) Clara Fredericke Clara Schmidt Detail
John Franklin Hager Central townp Perry July 31 1885 John Z Hager Joanna A Hager Joanna A Parrier Detail
Richard K(??)suth Holmes Bois Brule Mo Perry July 9 1885 P B Holmes Matilda Antonette Holmes Matilda Antonette Tac(k)e Detail
Bernard Author Tucker Perry Co Mo Perry July 25 1885 Thomas Elias Tucker Martina Tucker Martina Hayden Detail
Teresa Cissell Saline tp Perry July 23 1885 John Va(n)ce Cissell Theresa Cissell Theresa Brewer Detail
Clara Chappius Central tp Perry Aug 2 1885 Joseph Cas(???) Chappius Apoline Chappius Apoline Besauel? Detail
Louise E(???) Cinque Homme tp Perry April 26 1885 Leopold E(???) Barbara E(???) Barbara Weiget Detail
Not Provided Madison Co Mo Perry July 17 1885 John Petison Berry Sarah Cornida Sarah Cornida Whitworth Detail
Joseph Schouhoff Cinque Homme townp Perry July 13 1885 Frank Schouhoff Teresa Schouhoff Teresa Kolefeld Detail
Emma Priscilla Meyers Whitewater townp Perry July 18 1885 Riley Myers Mary S Myers Mary S Sharrack Detail
Mary Henrietta Rousseau Central townp Perry July 27 1885 John August Rousseau Mary Clementine Rousseau Mary Clementine Frioux Detail
Theodore Schlatman Cinque Homme townp Perry July 31 1885 Clements Schlatman Mary Schlatman Mary Ausel Detail
Clara Mary Schindler C H townp Perry Aug 13 1885 A H Schindler Mary E Schindler Mary E Boget Detail
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