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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Not Provided Sedalia, Mo Pettis Oct 13, 1883 Carlton Austin Mattie Austin Jones Detail
Acansino, Sedalia Pettis Feb. 5, 1884 Frank Acansina Teresa Acansina Lanangina Detail
Carrie Marian Aultschul Sedalia, Mo Pettis Mch.18, 1884 Max Otto Aultschul Eugenie Aultschul Gerber Detail
Atkins, Sedalia, Mo Pettis Mch.16, 1884 Andrew Atkins Rudy Atkins Waught Detail
Mollie Webber Aldredge Heath Creek Pettis Apr 9, 1884 James Aldredge Ann Rebecca Aldredge Howe Detail
Atsbach, Sedalia Pettis Apr. 2, 1884 Fred Atsbach Shnare Detail
Anderson, Flat Creek Pettis Feby.22, 1884 Robert E Anderson Bella A Anderson Higgins (?) Detail
Austin, Sedalia Pettis June 27, 1884 Mary E Austin Detail
Allen, Beaman Pettis July 6, 1884 Lewis F Allen Independence Allen Roberts Detail
Atkinson, Sedalia Pettis July 13, 1884 Isaac Atkinson Mary Atkinson Callahan Detail
Agey, Sedalia Pettis May 26, 1884 Lewis Agey Detail
Allen, Pettis Co. Pettis July 5, 1884 Edgar Allen Music Allen Morgan Detail
Amborn, Sedalia, Mo Pettis July 13, 1884 Karl Amborn Luise Amborn Erich Detail
Adams, Green Ridge Mo Pettis July 26, 1884 George Adams Alice Adams McKinny Detail
Adams, Sedalia, Mo Pettis Aug 23, 1884 William E W Adams Lorania Adams Scates Detail
Alcorn, Flat Creek, Mo Pettis Aug 19. 1884 James M Alcorn Amanda A. Alcorn Hill Detail
Allen, Pettis Co Mo Pettis July 12, 1884 William Allen Stewart Detail
Lottie May Allen Dresden, Mo Pettis Oct 11, 1884 J H Allen C.C. Allen Howard Detail
Allen, Pettis Co Pettis Jan 7, 1885 Peter Allen Sarah E. Allen Fox Detail
Anderson, Sedalia Pettis Jan 21, 1885 P H Anderson Gusta C. Anderson Armbruster Detail
Anderson, Sedalia Pettis Jan 26, 1885 Alvina Anderson Detail
Not Provided Pettis Co Mo Pettis Sept 28, 1883 John Belt Detail
Not Provided Sedalia, Mo Pettis Nov 10, 1883 Peter Bremer Mary Lizzie Bremer Blanken Detail
Bryson, Sedalia, Mo Pettis Oct 13, 1883 William A. Bryson Martha C. Bryson M.C. Sharp Detail
Batey, Pettis Co Mo Pettis Oct 17, 1883 Archie Beaty Mary S. Beaty Mary S. Sevier Detail
Barkley, Lamonte Mo Pettis Nov 3, 1883 Jesse M Barkley M M Barkley Detail
Blatternatt, Sedalia Pettis Oct 29, 1883 Robt Buttermate Buttermate Detail
Harvey Lawrence Bowers Sedalia Mo Pettis Novbr 7/83 Michael Harvey Bowers Ida A.M. Bowers Newbold Detail
Buffham, Sedalia Mo Pettis Novbr 18/83 Alfred T. Buffham Maggie A. Buffham Lively Detail
Cora Bradley Dresden Mo Pettis Oct 10/83 James Bradley Caroline Bradley Caroline Bradley Detail
Blanton, Sedalia Pettis Novbr 28/83 John Blanton Hayty Arnold Detail
Bohl, Sedalia Pettis Decbr 4/83 Chas. Bohl Mary Bohl Marz Detail
Bond, Dresden Pettis Decbr 23/83 Wm. F. Bond Paulina A. Bond Hunt Detail
Brown, Sedalia Pettis Jany 22/84 William Brown Hattie Daniels Detail
Lyman Perry Brigham Sedalia Pettis Jany 19/84 Francis P. Brigham Julia J. Brigham Porter Detail
Biggs, Flat Creek Pettis Febr 1/84 Moses Allen Biggs Marthy Ann Biggs Newton Detail
Bowers, Sedalia Pettis Jany 14/84 Jerry McK Bowers Lucy Mary Bowers Roberts Detail
Bransteter, Smithton Pettis Febr 18/84 C W Bransteter Josie Branstetter Abarneth Detail
Burrus, Smithton Pettis Jany 19/84 Willie (?) Burrus Anna Lee Burrus Lials Detail
Samuel Hugh Abner Basley Heaths Creek Pettis Febr 10/84 Samuel G. Barley Mildred A. Basley Clopton Detail
Baird, Sedalia Pettis Febr 24/84 Thomas Baird Martha E. Baird Smith Detail
Butler, Sedalia Pettis Oct 8, 1883 James Butler Mary Butler Mary Arnett Detail
Burke, Sedalia, Mo Pettis March 5, 1884 Frank Burke Mary Burke Walsh Detail
Bell, Sedalia, Mo Pettis Mch 14, 1884 Wesley Bell Mattie Bell Joiner Detail
Banks, Sedalia, Mo Pettis Mch 13, 1884 John S. Banks Addie Banks Wood Detail
Blanton, Green Ridge Twp, Pettis Co. Pettis Mch 24, 1884 John T. Blanton Lizzie Blanton Barley Detail
Bailey, Green Ridge Twp, Pettis Co Mo Pettis Mch 25, 1884 Benjamin Franklin Bailey Jennie May Bailey Curl Detail
Mary Ellen Beaman Pettis Co Mo Pettis Mch 25, 1884 Chas. F. Beaman Sary Ann Beaman Greer Detail
Boyd, Lamonte Tp Pettis April 13, 1884 Jas. A. Boyd Mary E. Boyd Haverfield Detail
Barnheart, Greenridge Tp Pettis April 22, 1884 Abram Hoover Barnhart Vianna Barnheart Odum Detail
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