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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Young, So Perry/parents home Ralls 7/14/1885 Charles Young Elizabeth Young Elizabeth Desimark Detail
Robison, Near W. Hartford, MO Ralls 7/07/1885 Thomas Robison Susan Robison Susan Jackson Detail
Wilson, Ralls 7/28/1885 Edward Wilson Ann E. Wilson Detail
Rosa Boulware Ralls Co, MO Ralls 6/22/1885 Wm. Boulware Sallie Boulware Sallie Scott Detail
Porgeon, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 6/13/1885 Geo. C. Porgeon Sarah P. Porgeon Sarah P. Harrelson Detail
Burrows, Clay Twp Ralls 7/21/1885 Wm. Burrows Lydia A. Burrows Lydia A. Brashear Detail
Vaughn, Clay Twp Ralls 7/08/1885 James H. Vaughn Lizzie C. Vaughn Lizzie C. Richmond Detail
Ogle, Clay Twp Ralls 7/24/1885 Hugh W. Ogle Irene Ogle Irene Waters Detail
Robison, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 7/11/1885 Robert H. Robison Paulina F. Robison Paulina F. Organ Detail
Doolan, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 7/20/1885 John Doolan Mary E. Doolan Mary E. Lewis Detail
Beshears, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 7/21/1885 John Beshears Rachael J. Beshears Rachael J. Wilson Detail
Evans, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 6/03/1885 Samuel C. Evans Annie Evans Annie Liter Detail
Geery, Salt River Twp Ralls 8/16/1885 Gabrael Gerry Elizabeth Gerry Elizabeth Donovan Detail
Brown, Salt River Twp Ralls 8/14/1885 Alexander Brown Amelia Brown Amelia Hendricks Detail
Aaron Ward Williams Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 7/24/1885 James A. Williams Fannie May Williams Fannie May Ward Detail
Griggs, Madisonville/Ralls Co Ralls 7/10/1885 W. P. Griggs Isabelle Griggs Isabelle Thompson Detail
Brown, Salt River Twp Ralls 8/14/1885 Alexander Brown Amelia Brown Amelia Hendricks Detail
Phillips, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/27/1885 Thomas D. Phillips Minnie Phillips Minnie Reynolds Detail
Valey Swan Ralls 8/17/1885 Edward Swan Mary E. Swan Mary E. Carter Detail
Walter A. Sherwood Spalding, Ralls Co Ralls 9/05/1885 John M. Sherwood Alice E. Sherwood Alice E.Herron Detail
Conn, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/01/1885 Wm. P. Conn Fannie Conn Fannie Boling Detail
Mannoway, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/17/1885 John Mannoway Mary Mannoway Mary Smith Detail
Lake, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 8/08/1885 John S. Lake Ida Lake Ida Woodson Detail
Myers, Salt River Twp Ralls 8/26/1885 Samuel Myers Cora Cornelia Myers Cora C. Campbell Detail
Claypool, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/10/1885 Albert Claypool Martha Claypool Martha Hendrix Detail
Reed, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 9/26/1885 John Reed unknown Detail
Matthew F. Thomas Clay Twp Ralls 8/17/1885 Milton A. Thomas Lavernia F. Thomas Lavernia Edwards Detail
Samuel D. Hobbs Clay Twp Ralls 9/08/1885 James Hobbs Elizabeth Hobbs Elizabeth Ubanks Detail
Shannon, Clay Twp Ralls 8/31/1885 Morton B. Shannon A(n/u)ettie E. Shannon A. Truitt Detail
Dwyre, Clay Twp Ralls 10/10/1885 Daniel Dwyre Mary E. Dwyre Mary E. Webb Detail
Cline, Clay Twp Ralls 9/06/1885 Allen Cline Emily E. Cline Emily E. Krigbaum Detail
Scott, Saline Twp Ralls 6/26/1885 Charles M. Scott Sarah Jane Scott Sarah Jane Wright Detail
Shrum, Saverton Twp Ralls 9/22/1885 Nicholas Shrum Ditha Shrum Ditha West Detail
Johnson, Saverton Twp Ralls 9/18/1885 John A. Johnson Phiaua Johnson Phiaua Keithley Detail
Scott, Saverton Twp Ralls 10/11/1885 Henley Scott Alice Scott Alice Siner Detail
Smith, Salt River Twp Ralls 10/20/1885 Adanirane Smith Lillie Jane Smith Lillie Jane McCunn Detail
Redd, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 10/26/1885 Edward B. Redd Kate C. Redd Kate C. Davis Detail
Carswell C. Powell Salt River Twp Ralls 11/03/1885 Thomas R. Powell Eliza L. Powell Eliza L. Tipton Detail
Beauchamp, New London, Ralls Co Ralls 10/28/1885 Bland Beauchamp Alice H. Beauchamp Alice H. Hudson Detail
Moore, Near Perry, Mo Ralls 7/08/1885 Leander C. Moore Florence V. Moore Florence V. Warren Detail
Cummins, Near Perry, Mo Ralls 8/22/1885 Jacob W. Cummins Deleinea J. Cummins Deleinea J. Carter Detail
Leake, Near Perry, Mo Ralls 10/22/1885 Daniel T. Leake Jane Ann Leake Jane Ann Donaldson Detail
Yochum, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 10/18/1885 Daniel Yochum Laura A. Yochum Laura A. Hamilton Detail
(T)rick, Near Perry, Mo Ralls 9/22/1885 Joseph F. Trick Lucy Trick Lucy McCann Detail
Alice Edwin Armstrong Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 9/17/1885 Edward S. Armstrong Alice Armstrong Alice R. Nelson Detail
Wilkerson, Near W.Harftford, MO Ralls 8/28/1885 Frederick Wilkerson Priscilla Wilkerson Priscilla Bailey Detail
Adaline Leake Near Perry, Mo Ralls 8/23/1885 Leo. T. B. Leake Elizabeth E. Leake Elizabeth E. Carter Detail
Dye, Near Laddonia,MO Ralls 8/25/1885 John R. Dye Emma Dye Emma Hollis Detail
Essex, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 3/04/1885 Geo. Essex Elizabeth Essex Elizabeth Myres Detail
Hawkins, Jasper Twp Ralls 7/27/1885 James Hawkins Elizabeth Hawkins Elizabeth Greeve Detail
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