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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mary George Hays New London, MO Ralls 11/26/1883 Urial C. Hays Lucy Margaret Hays Lucy Margaret Tutt Detail
Samuel S. Hendrix Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/19/1883 Hendrix Hendrix Detail
Lilly Irene Hays Spencer Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 12/14/1883 John W. Hays Emma W. Hays Emma W. Robinson Detail
Geo. O. Clark Clay Twp, Rall Co Ralls 12/24/1883 Geo. O. Clark Elizabeth I. Clark Elizabeth I. Herring Detail
Shelvey M. Truitt New London, MO Ralls 12/17/1883 Samuel A. Truitt Laura (C.) Truitt Laura (E.) Roland Detail
Carroll, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 01/02/1884 Samuel Carroll Volimma Carroll Volimma Alford Detail
Boudurant, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/16/1883 Albert Bondurant Martha Bondurant Martha McLane Detail
Montgomery, Saline Twp/Ralls Co Ralls 12/31/1883 John H. Montgomery Mary E. Montgomery Mary E. Pike Detail
America Swan Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/16/1883 Edward Swan Mary Swan Mary Carter Detail
Robinson, Spencer Twp,Ralls Co Ralls 12/30/1883 John Robinson Annie Robinson Annie Helms Detail
Brice, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 01/06/1884 James S. Brice Cordelia Brice Cordelia Beshears Detail
Waters, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/18/1883 Timoth Waters Emily Waters Emily Liter Detail
Ragland, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/25/1883 Daniel P. Ragland Nancy M. Ragland Nancy M. Moore Detail
Hesser, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/101/1883 B(re)nt S. Hesser Nancy I. Hesser Nancy I. Crowdis Detail
Redman, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 11/16/1883 H. Red(man) Mrs. H. Red(man) burial:St.Paul Church,Ralls Detail
Jones, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 01/14/1884 Wm. H. Jones Catherine Jones Catherine Tharp Detail
Brown, New London, Ralls Co Ralls 1/161/884 John Brown Dora Brown Dora Harris Detail
Harris, New London, Ralls Co Ralls 1/03/1884 Jefferson Harris Bettie Harris Bettie Brown Detail
McCune, Madisonville Ralls 1/18/1884 Jeff. D. McCune Ellen V. McCune Ellen V. Smith Detail
Beavers, Jasper Twp Ralls 1/12/1884 Abraham V. Beavers Sarah C. Beavers Sarah V. Cope Detail
Inlow, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/24/1883 R. I. Inlow Mrs. R. I Inlow Seely Detail
Smith, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/28/1883 Rufus Smith Susie Smith Susie Cowden Detail
Lafevers, Center, Ralls Co Ralls 12/23/1883 Chas Lafever Mrs. Lafever Rylie Detail
Twins Webb Clay Twp Ralls 1/26/1884 Charles M. Webb Nancy E. Webb Nancy E. Guigry Detail
Wm. I. Gore Clay Twp Ralls 1/02/1884 Manly O. Gore Carrie E. Gore Carrie E. Legg Detail
Miller, Saverton Twp Ralls 9/24/1883 John R. Miller Mary Miller Mary Hickman Detail
Robert Lee Fanning Near Perry, Mo Ralls 11/18/1883 Conrad S. Fanning Eva L. Fanning Eva L. Biggers Detail
Earnest C. Walker Near Perry, Mo Ralls 12/09/1883 Charles Ed. Walker Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Carter Detail
Edward Black Near Perry, Mo Ralls 12/22/1883 Francis M. Black Susan E. Black Susan E. Smith Detail
Oty H. Lowen Near Perry, Mo Ralls 12/26/1883 Oty Lowen Sarah E. Lowen Sarah E. Yates Detail
Charles E. Westfall Near Perry, Mo Ralls 12/30/1883 Charles F. Westfall Lucy Westfall Lucy Neville Detail
Edith Winfry Near Perry, Mo Ralls 1/05/1884 Robert W. Winfrey Eliza H. Winfrey Eliza H. Dearing Detail
Ely, Near Perry, Mo Ralls 6/30/1884 Benjamin F. Ely Polly A. Ely Polly A. Crockett Detail
Norton, Center Twp Ralls 2/07/1884 James R. Norton Rosa Lee Norton Rosa Lee Norman Detail
Minerva E. Alexander Clay Twp Ralls 1/06/1884 Thos. C. Alexander Judith M. Alexander Judith M. Spalding Detail
Twins Coleman Near New London, MO Ralls 2/15/1884 Richard Coleman Ursula Ann Coleman Ursula Payton Detail
Mattie A. Barnard Ralls Co, MO Ralls 2/14/1884 C.A. Barnard Martha C. Barnard Martha C. Tompkins Detail
Scudder Huston Maddox New London, Ralls Co Ralls 1/19/1884 S. Maddox Mary E. Maddox Mary E. Lear Detail
Kirtley, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 1/29/1884 Luke Kirtley Mary A. Kirtley Mary A. Brice Detail
Spotts, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 1/16/1884 James Spotts Sarah Spotts Sarah Scofield Detail
Hutchison, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 2/15/1884 Marion M. Hutchinson Maggie F. Hutchinson Maggie F. Alford Detail
Moss, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 1/22/1884 Wm. W. Moss Elizabeth B. Moss Elizabeth B. Smeltzer Detail
Jas. K. Moore Ralls Co, MO Ralls 1/08/1884 James K. Moore Laura C. Moore Laura C. Gentle Detail
Gordon, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 12/22/1883 Robert A. Gordon Sada A. Gordon Sada A. Woodword Detail
Hugh W. Carr Huntington,Saline Twp,Ralls Ralls 2/04/1884 John W. Carr Alice C. Carr Alice C. McClinti(s) Detail
Bledsoe, Perry, Ralls Co Ralls 2/18/1884 John Bledsoe Alice G. Bledsoe Alice G. Wommack Detail
Wood, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 2/8/1884 Oliver J. Wood Rockie Walden Wood Rockie Walden Detail
Watson, Near New London, MO Ralls 2/28/1884 James P. Watson Eliza V. Watson Eliza V. Tutt Detail
Gatewood, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 2/23/1884 Wyatt Gatewood Fannie Gatewood ---- Detail
Alford, Ralls Co, MO Ralls 3/02/1884 James R. Alford Mollie Alford Mollie Bundren Detail
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