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Record 101 thru 150 of 1418

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Libra Spence Ripley Co Mo Ripley Feby 29 1884 J R Spence Labra Spence Jackson Detail
Not Provided Ripley Co Mo Ripley Feby 8 1884 Marion Hester Sarah Hester Loyd Detail
Not Provided Ripley Co Mo Ripley Feb 26 1884 Isaac Hester Charlotte Hester Loyd Detail
Not Provided Ripley Co Mo Ripley Feby 6 1884 John F. Patterson Martha Patterson Riley Detail
Carrie M Cease Doniphan Mo Ripley Mar 3 1884 Franklin P. Cease Minnie C. Cease Reese Detail
Mistie May Seymore Doniphan Mo Ripley Mar 2-1884 Jesse Seymore Nancy T. Seymore Burnham Detail
Not Provided Washington Twp Ripley Feby 23 /84 Daniel E. Dixon Almira Ann Dixon Hawkins Detail
Charles T. Hutcherson Ripley Co Mo Ripley May 16, 1884 Tobias Hutcherson Mary ? Hutcherson Patterson Detail
Laura Wilson Ripley Co Mo Ripley May 15, 1884 Albert Wilson Louisa Wilson Little Detail
Not Provided Doniphan Twp Ripley May 18, 1884 Edward M Court M Court Fagin Detail
Not Provided Gatewood Twp Ripley June 3, 1884 J.W. Pulliam S L Pulliam Smith Detail
Virginia Burch Spann Ripley County Mo. Ripley June 28 1884 Colby F. Spann Mary E. Spann Bennett Detail
Not Provided Johnson Twp Ripley July 9. 1884 John Crow Sallie Crow Murphy Detail
Florence Horne Butler Co Mo Ripley June 26 1884 W.M. Horne Charlotte Horne Sims Detail
Della Mary Lowry Ripley Co Mo Ripley July 17 1884 Hiram Lowry Roseann Lowry Williams Detail
Not Provided Current River Twp Ripley July 20 /84 Robert Sandifer Elizabeth Sandifer Detail
Mauda May Lowry Ripley Co Mo Ripley July 17 1884 Hiram Lowry Roseann Lowry Williams Detail
Kathie Belle Garey Doniphan Ripley July 20 1884 John W. Garey Martha Ann Garey Cartwright Detail
Willie Floral Lowry Gatewood Twp Ripley December 1 1883 William A Lowry Susan E Lowry Hudson Detail
Martin Luther Foshee Gatewood Twp Ripley December 14 1883 Jasper Foshee Sarah E. Foshee Hodges Detail
Henry Eli Hudson Gatewood Twp Ripley Jan 14 1884 Smith Barlow Hudson Sarah Elizabeth Hudson ONeal Detail
Mattie Chestnut Gatewood Twp Ripley Jan 27 1884 Samuel Chestnut Sarah Chestnut Hudson Detail
Harry Alfus Kirkendall Gatewood Twp Ripley Feb 5 1884 Adam Kirkendall Sarah Kirkendall Foshee Detail
Ollie F. Crim Gatewood Twp Ripley Feb 14 1884 Edley D. Crim Lusita Crim Anders Detail
William T Holland Gatewood Twp Ripley March 7 1884 Mark Holland Sarah E. Holland Henderson Detail
Franklin Lafayette ONeal Gatewood Twp Ripley March 30 1884 Paulsen W ONeal Rosetta ONeal Crim Detail
Hattie Rosanna Hudson Gatewood Twp Ripley June 7 1884 Young P Hudson Nancy C Hudson Smith Detail
???man Davis Gatewood Twp Ripley June 30 1884 Thomas Davis Martha Jane Davis Gassaway Detail
Not Provided Doniphan Mo Ripley July 10 1884 Wm W Spell Nancy Ann Spell Fergeson Detail
Mauda Russell Smith Gatewood Twp Ripley July 31 1884 Ezekiel J. Smith Sarah Ann Smith Pulliam Detail
Lilly Wright Doniphan Mo Ripley July 24 1884 Edward W. Wright Margaret L. Wright Collier Detail
Susan Alley Crews Thomas Twp Ripley July 24 1884 Moses Edward Crews Catherine Crews Martin Detail
Mary Oliver Haley Ripley Co Mo Ripley July 30 1884 James Haley Phoeba Haley Detail
Not Provided Briar Creek Twp Ripley Aug 14 1884 James Hardt Luella Hardt Thurston Detail
Not Provided Varner Mo Ripley July 23 1884 Wm H Massey Detail
Not Provided Washington Twp Ripley Aug 24 1884 Geo B O'Daniel Eliza Ann O'Daniel Wooley Detail
Mary Ellen Gargus Thomas Township near Burfield, Mo Ripley August 19, 1884 Benjamin Gargus Clarice Ann Gargus Clarice Ann Carr Detail
William B. Henderson Washington Twp Ripley August 17. 1884 Wm. S. Henderson Louie Jane Henderson Houston Detail
Maude (or Mande) Whitworth Washington Twp Ripley Aug 3 1884 Franklin Whitworth Francis M. Whitworth Wyatt Detail
Thomas Asberry Risenhoover Thomas Twp Ripley Aug 31, 1884 Thomas,Hart,Benton,Risenhoover Sarah Ann Risenhoover Sarah Ann Smith Detail
Marsha May Brightwell Varner Mo Ripley Sept 4, 1884 Wm. D. Brightwell Marsha E. Brightwell Dunn Detail
Sao?? Annest Tucker Ripley Co. Mo Ripley August 26 Naoma Tucker Naoma Tucker Detail
Effie Martin Ripley Co. Mo Ripley June 9, 1884 Isaac Martin Sarah Ann Martin Sarah Ann Bangen Detail
Benjamin Scott Gariston Doniphan Tp Ripley Co. Mo Ripley Sep 5, 1884 Benjamin Scott Gariston Sallie M Garriston Sallie M. Cook Detail
Calvin Dennis Harrison Ripley Co. Mo Ripley Aug 17, 1884 William Charles Harrison Martha E. Harrison Martha E. Post Detail
Eddie Clifford Clark Doniphan Mo Ripley Sep 2, 1884 Robert L. Clark Susan E Clark Susan E. Rea Detail
Nameless, Ripley Co Mo Ripley Sep 23, 1884 Damuel D. Young Mildred Young Brown Detail
Nameless, Varner Ripley Sep 19, 1884 James P. Jenkins Mary E. Jenkins Camp Detail
?????? (Nameless) Washington Tp R.C. Ripley Sep 28, 1884 G. L. Lasseter Sarah Lasseter Wilson Detail
Minna Bella Young Ripley Co. Mo Ripley Sep 22 J. W. Young Rosa Young Rosa Ferrell Detail
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