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Record 451 thru 500 of 1925

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Elgan, Dallas Township St. Clair 14/April/1890 Jesse J Elgan Maryon Elgan Mary O'Donnell Detail
Ellis, Doyal Twp St. Clair 3/March/1891 John W Ellis Josephine C Ellis Josephine C Williams Detail
Elliott Bessie Osceola Twp St. Clair 2/September/1890 James Elliott Anna L. Elliott [L]ytton Detail
Frazer, Jessie La[ude] St. Clair Co. Mo. St. Clair 16/September/1883 William Albert Frazer Mary Magdaline Frazer Mary Magdaline Price Detail
Fry, Osceola, Mo. St. Clair 26/November/1883 Samuel Fry Jane Fry Jane Driver Detail
Freeman, Charles Arthur Doyal Twp St. Clair 12/November/1883 Josephus Freeman Allice Jane Freeman Allice J. Foors Detail
Francis, Roscoe twp St. Clair 28/December/1883 M.H. Francis Martha E. Francis [Allen] Detail
French, Annie L. Chalk Level, Mo. St. Clair 4/January/1884 E.H. French Elizabeth French Bailey Detail
Falcon, Appleton twp St. Clair 27/August/1883 Albert Falcon Augusta Melvina Falcon Canard Detail
Fa[nrote], Huston Wi[lson] Appleton City St. Clair 12/January/1884 Frank McC[he]land Fa[nrote] Sallie Emma Fa[nrote] Sallie Emma Rose Detail
Fickes, Albert Taber twp St. Clair 16/January/1884 James Fickes Mary J. Fickes Mary J. Greeson Detail
Fuell, Monegaw twp St. Clair 8/February/1884 Thomas Fuell Amanda Fuell Amanda Walton Detail
Fakrion, Appleton City St. Clair 8/February/1884 William A. Fakrion Detail
Fogle, Mary Melvina Collins twp St. Clair 8/April/1884 Jacob Fogle Sarah Fogle Sarah Willen Detail
Finley, Lorainsey Butler twp St. Clair 1/October/1884 George T. Finley Mary Finley Laughlin Detail
France, Jessie [Robert] Monegaw twp St. Clair 3/May/1884 Louis Robert France Laura France Laura Alexander Detail
Floyd, Speedwell twp St. Clair 10/November/1884 John N. Floyd Martha M. Floyd McClain Detail
Fraley, St. Clair Co. St. Clair 30/September/1884 Oliver Morton Fraley Amanda Fraley Barnes Detail
Frala, Cornelius Polk twp St. Clair 9/December/1884 Edmon Theodore Frala Martha Ann Frala Bishop Detail
Fisk, Collins twp St. Clair 30/December/1884 Henry Fisk Martha Fisk Perry Detail
Francis, Butler twp St. Clair 13/January/1885 John M. Francis Nancy O. Francis Nancy O. Wal[k]er Detail
Fugna, Osceola, Mo St. Clair 16/January/1885 James E. Fugna Ann E. Fugna Shields Detail
Freeman, Speedwell twp St. Clair 31/January/1885 Samuel Freeman Belle Freeman T[rivis] Detail
Farris, Appleton City, Mo St. Clair 16/January/1885 H.C. Farris Ella Farris Griggs Detail
Fugate, Osceola twp St. Clair 28/February/1885 Mortimer Fugate Mary M. Fugate Mary M. Smith Detail
France, Chalk Level twp St. Clair 7/March/1885 William D. France Rebeccoh France Alexander Detail
Folger, Linney Collins twp St. Clair 16/February/1885 Nelson Folger Rachel Folger Rachael Chamlus Detail
Fisher, Taber twp St. Clair 23/February/1885 C.G. Fisher Elizabeth M. Fisher Vaughan Detail
Frazier, Roscoe twp St. Clair 29/March/1885 Joh[sna] N. Frazier Amanda E. Frazier McCor[mich] Detail
Fitzwater, St. Clair County St. Clair 2/May/1885 F.A. Fitzwater Sarah Matilda Fitzwater Boyd Detail
Fisk, Edith May Taberville, Mo. St. Clair 23/June/1885 George Monroe Fisk Cora Alice Fisk Bain Detail
Fleming, Monegaw twp St. Clair 2/August/1885 Archibald Fleming Melissie E. Fleming Melessie E. Ewin Detail
Fowler, Roscoe twp St. Clair 14/August/1885 Charles E. Fowler Francis S. Fowler Williamson Detail
Freeman, St. Clair County St. Clair 29/August/1885 James W. Freeman Nancy C. Freeman Nancy C. Pilant Detail
Fitch, Monegaw Twp St. Clair 14/October/1886 Henry Fitch Alice Fitch Estes Detail
Fisher, Speedwell Twp St. Clair 12/October/1885 John W Fisher Mary C. Fisher Hibler Detail
Fox, Josephine Chalk Level Twp St. Clair 4/June/1885 William Roper Fox Margaret Ellen Fox Margaret E. Hoffman Detail
France, Chalk Level Twp St. Clair 2/December/1885 Lewis A. France Laura France Alexander Detail
Fisher, Purley Emeline Doyal Twp St. Clair 21/January/1886 Seth H. Fisher Emily Fisher B[r]atcher Detail
Foster, Butler Twp St. Clair 31/April/1886 John M. Foster Mary C. Foster Holland Detail
Fewell, Monegaw Twp St. Clair 17/April/1886 Thomas Fewell Amanda Fewell Walton Detail
Forsythe, [G]eo Alfred Osceola Mo St. Clair 5/May/1886 John Forsythe Margaret Ann Forsythe Detail
Fug[u]a, Osceola Mo St. Clair 2/May/1886 Jasper [W.] Fugua Emma C. Fugua Cox Detail
F[latt], Johnson City, Mo St. Clair 1/July/1886 George Albert Flatt Nancy Jane Flatt James Detail
Farris, Claud Iconium, Mo St. Clair 8/July/1886 James Pete[r] Hobbs Augusta Albertine Hobbs Jones Detail
F[e]well, Monegaw Twp St. Clair 9/August/1886 James L. Fewell Emma Ann Fewell Baughman Detail
Frale, Jerry Polk Twp St. Clair 24/September/1886 Edwin Theodore Fra[l]e Martarion Fra[l]e Bishop Detail
Frasier, Butler Twp St. Clair 1/October/1886 Thos C Frasier Nannie C. Frasier Harris Detail
Flatt, Blanch Waneta Johnson City, Mo. St. Clair 15/November/1886 Freeman Flatt Sefajane Flatt Brown Detail
Freeman, Roscoe Twp St. Clair 24/January/1887 George B Freeman Susie B. Freeman Green Detail
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