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Record 2151 thru 2185 of 2185

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Luiza, Mary Jul 21 1886 Stoddard Full Term --- Dexter City Stoddard Co --- Detail
Tillman, Margaret Jun 25 1886 Stoddard about 3 months --- Lakeville --- Detail
Dowdy, E.L. Jan 14 1887 Stoddard 9 months --- --- --- Detail
Miller, William Stoddard Co Mo Stoddard May 30 1885 Franklin Miller Emily Miller Lackey Detail
Temples, Stoddard Co Mo Stoddard May 17 1885 Pleasant Temples Lucinda Temples Summerman Detail
McNail, James Dexter City Mo Stoddard Apr 7 1885 James F McNail Sarah F McNail Dodd Detail
Parker, John Henry Missouri Stoddard May 10 1885 William Parker Viola V Parker Dearen Detail
Ellis, Mary Jane Stoddard Co Mo Stoddard Jun 1 1885 William R Ellis Dealy Ann Ellis Jones Detail
Cooper, Jefferson Liberty Twp Stoddard May 17 1885 James Cooper Nancy A Cooper Farris Detail
Davis, Jenetta --- Stoddard May 11 1885 T.J. Davis Haret E Davis Torry Detail
Anderson, Castor Twp Stoddard Dec. 22, 1885 Henry Anderson Loucinda E. Anderson Hearndon Detail
Ivy Bell Asballe Stoddard County, MO Stoddard Jan. 01, 1886 James C. Asbelle Mary Malinda Asbelle Wilson Detail
Allen, Luela Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Jan. 08 James R. Allen Ellen Allen Burton Detail
Arnold, Louis M. Stoddard County, MO Stoddard Feb. 10, 1886 Foutain Arnold Susan Arnold Gibson Detail
Adcox, Alice Puxico Stoddard July 08, 1886 George Adcox Missouri Adcox Goforth Detail
Absher, Mytle Ann Castor Twp Stoddard June 08, Preston Absher Mary E.Absher Casey Detail
Anderson, Gertie May Stoddard County, MO Stoddard July 26, 1886 Allen Anderson June Anderson Merrith Detail
Adams, Eliza Lee Dexter City, MO Stoddard July 21, 1883 George Hamble Adams Fannie Washington Adams Batterton Detail
Askew, Castor Twp, Stoddard County Stoddard Oct. 13, 1883 Green Askew Rachel Askew Scott Detail
Ashby, William H. Township 23 Stoddard Jan. 20, 1884 Amos Ashby Fredonia E. Ashby Detail
Aslin, Amanda C. Castor Twp. Stoddard Feb. 06, 1884 Frank Aslin Mary E. Aslin Spa?aw Detail
Anderson, Melinn Stoddard County, MO Stoddard Feb. 09, 1884 Allen Anderson Sispto Anderson Meritt Detail
Allen, Castor Twp Stoddard March 19, 1884 Samual J. Allen Rachel J. Allen Cooper Detail
Arnold, Richland Twp Stoddard April 15, 1884 John Arnold Sauno Arnold Sifeman Detail
Girtrude Armstrong Liberty Twp Stoddard June 28, 1884 William C. Armstrong Lissa Armstrong Glover Detail
Julia A. Asher Duck Creek Twp Stoddard July 29, 1884 John Asher Mary Asher Stat Detail
Not Provided Duck Creek Twp Stoddard Aug. 17, 1884 James M. Adams L. J. Adams West Detail
John Henry Allen Pike Twp Stoddard July 17, 1884 Aldraus Allen Sarah E. Allen Newcomer Detail
Ayer, Stoddard County, MO Stoddard Jan. 06, 1885 James Ayer Mary L. Ayer Taylor Detail
Adams, Bloomfield, MO Stoddard Feb. 01, 1885 Geo. H. Adams Fannie W. Adams Batterton Detail
Adams, Pike Twp Stoddard Jan. 14, 1885 Francis C. Adams Missouri C. Adams Missouri C. Sitz Detail
Adkins, Pearly Dell Stoddard County, MO Stoddard March 3?, 1885 Willis M. Adkins Mary Clerce Adkins Overby Detail
Hu?erson, Ida May Asherville, MO Stoddard April 03, 1885 Alfred W Amerson Nancy Jane Amerson Wilbur? Detail
Ashworth, Ada May Liberty Twp Stoddard July 30, 1885 Benjamin Ashworth Sarah P. Ashworth Garner Detail
Alexander, Chas. Edward Duck Creek Twp Stoddard June 15, 1885 W. R. Alexander Rebecca Alexander Detail
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