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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Lower, Novelty Mo Knox 10/3/1885 Lower Mary E. Lower Mary E. Bell Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson Feb.,6,90 Jno Lewis Lowe Lorrie Lowe Stewart Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson Dec.27,89 Luther M.Lowe Ermma Lowe Or?shaw Detail
Clark, Nishmabotna Twp. Atchison Aug 16, 1885 J. G. Clark Anna F. Clark Anna F. Lowe Detail
Coltilda Hall Tarkio, Mo. Atchison Sept 20, 1885 Cassius Hall Tilla Hall Tilla Flowers Detail
Not Provided Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 3,1885 John Lowe Viola Lowe V.Snook Detail
Low, Polk Twp. Atchison Oct 9,1889 John W.Lowe Viola Lowe Snook Detail
Not Provided Atchison Co,Mo Atchison Nov 20,1885 John Wilson Mary Wilson M.Flowers Detail
Not Provided 611 E 6th St Jackson 5/3/06 Lowe J.W. Emma Detail
Not Provided 921 Cherry Jackson 9/6/06 Lower O.J. Nancy A. Detail
Not Provided 1010 Vine Jackson 10/6/06 Lowenthal W. B. Detail
Not Provided 1526 Indiana Jackson 11/18/06 Lowe Samuel E. Lena Detail
Not Provided 215 1/2 Independence ave Jackson 1/7/07 H.R. Marlowe Florence Marlowe Detail
Not Provided Fairland Heights Jackson 6/9/07 William J. Lowe M.V. Lowe Detail
Not Provided 557 Holmes ave Jackson 7/6/07 Joseph Lower Lena Lower Detail
Not Provided 215 Independence ave Jackson 1/15/08 Harry Marlowe Florence Marlowe Detail
Not Provided 4036 Locust Jackson 4/11/08 ??? Lowell Ida S. Lowell Detail
Not Provided 633 Tullis Ct Jackson 4/27/08 E.G. Welch Lowella Detail
Wm. Edgar Lowe McDonald Co., Mo McDonald Nov 19, 1883 B.Thomas Lowe B.J. Lowe [Rowe??] Detail
Clark, Jackson Twp. Andrew 08/17/1886 Clinton Clark Julia Victoria Clark Flowers Detail
Hall, Empire Twp. Andrew 12/19/1886 John I. Hall Susan M. Hall Lowe Detail
Lowe, Stella Savannah Andrew 05/10/1884 George Lowe Octavia Lowe Reynolds Detail
[Slowen], Savannah Andrew 08/31/1890 James Slowen Laura M. Slowen Thel?? Detail
Lowery, Prairie Twp. Jackson 01/17/1884 F. M. Lowery Lowery Detail
Lowe, "4th Ward Independence, Mo." Jackson 12/12/1884 John B. Lowe Rosa Lowe Felderman Detail
Lowe, Sni a Bar Twp. Jackson 02/01/---- Wm. A. Lowe ???? Lowe Deardorff Detail
Lowen, Blue Twp. Jackson 10/22/1886 O. Lowen Sallie E. Lowen Yates Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson 06/26/1887 Wm A Lowe Julia E Lowe Deardoff Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson 08/01/1887 Jno Lewis Lowe Ionie Stewart Lowe Stewart Detail
Peterson, Independence Mo Jackson 03/02/1887 Joseph Peterson Martha E Peterson Lowe Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson 02/06/1890 Jno Lewis Lowe Louise Lowe Stewart Detail
Lowe, Blue Springs Jackson 12/17/1889 Luther M. Lowe Emma Lowe Crenshaw Detail
Not Provided Blue Sp[rings] Jackson 05/21/---- L M Lowe Emma Lowe Detail
Mandy Elisebeth Lowrey Gatewood Ripley 08/16/1884 Samuell D. Lowrey Malinda Ann Lowery Smith Detail
James C. Lowery Gatewood Twp Ripley 04/27/1885 H.S. Lowery S.E. Lowery Anders Detail
Henny Dennis Lowrey Ripley Co. Mo. Ripley 01/13/1889 Hiram Lowrey Rosela Lowery Williams Detail
Not Provided Prairie Township Franklin July 14th Samuel Couch Eda Couch Eda Lowes Detail
Allen, Washington Twp Clark Nov 8th 1891 Allen, Eugene Allen, Mollie S. Lowe Detail
Cline, Aubrey Lowell Jefferson Twp Clark Jan 23rd 1885 Cline, William Henry Cline, Minnie Ann Ohresly Detail
Holcolm, Gladys Genevieve Lincoln Twp Clark Jan 4th 18184 Holcomb, John S. Holcomb, Della Lowe Detail
Moyer, Immagene Illaho Ashton, MO Clark Aug 14th 1885 Moyer, Robert Joshua Moyer, Emily Dutz Lowe Detail
Jesse Lower Marion Twp Polk 08/04/1883 William Lower Alvina Lower Alvina Carter Detail
Nancy E. Haydon Marion Twp Polk 07/23/1883 James C. Haydon Jane S. Haydon Jane S. Lower Detail
Frederick Lower Marion Twp Polk 12/21/1883 John Lower Martha Ann Lower Martha Ann Walker Detail
Lower, Bolivar Polk 12/21/1884 A.J. Lower Lower Eagon Detail
Eggers, Hopkins Nodaway Apr 7, 1890 David R. Eggers Roseanna Eggers Flowers Detail
Jean Lower DeSoto, Mo. Jefferson Dec. 8/90 W.C. Isenhower Detail
Jno Hamilton Weudleton Palestine Twp, Mo. Cooper Dec 22, 1886 David Weudleton Sarah Weudleton Lowery Detail
Foy, Clara E. Benton Twp Daviess Feb16 1884 Foy, Wm. Foy, Marsha H. Lowery Detail
Lowery, Clarence Herman Pattonsburg, MO Daviess Apr 14 1884 Lowery, Wm. C. Lowery, Sephronia Howe Detail
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