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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name  
Mathers, Merle Turney MO Clinton 9 Sep 1883 Edward Mathers Emma Mathers Wilhoit Detail
Lyons, John Robert Clinton co. MO Clinton 15 Oct 1883 Charles Edward Lyons Susan Alice Lyons MacMillan Detail
Crowah, Clinton co. MO Clinton 19 Jan 1884 Arthur Crowah Ell Dora Crowah Woodward Detail
Auston, Edward Clinton 22 Jan 1884 Edward Auston Caroline R. Auston Detail
Martin, Lathrop MO Clinton 16 Feb 1884 Edward Martin Emma Martin Hale Detail
Jones, Elsworth Shoal Twp Clinton 16 Feb 1884 James F. Jones Effie A. Jones Wardell Detail
Lindsay, Lathrop MO Clinton 29 Feb 1884 Edward H. Lindsay Mattie C. Lindsay Smith Detail
Frick, Clinton 25 March (blank) John Frick Narsissa Frank Woodward Detail
Anderson, Plattsburg MO Clinton 19 April 1884 C. Anderson Millie E. Anderson Ward Detail
Alair, Edward Wayne Platte Twp Clinton 29 May 1884 Wm M. Alair Ella Alair Smith Detail
Skedles, John Madison Atchison Twp Clinton 28 July 1884 Edward Lincoln Skedles Julona Elmira Skedles Deaton Detail
Chaldecott, Belle Elizabeth Cameron Clinton 6 Aug (Blank) John Edward Chaldecott Eliza Chaldecott Newman Detail
Mott, Jackson Twp Clinton 4 Dec (blank) Wm N. Mott Lizzie S. Mott Steward Detail
Ellis, Platte Twp Clinton 3 Oct (blank) Howard Ellis Margie Ellis Hopkins Detail
Lewis, Jesse E. Clinton co. Clinton 9 Dec 1884 Edward Calvin Lewis Mary Lucy Lewis Clark Detail
Warden, Clinton co. Clinton 28 Jan (blank) Emmett J. Warden Edna Warden (blank) Detail
Woodward, Turney Clinton 6 Feb (blank) David A. Woodward Ollie Woodward Sharp Detail
Rice, Shoal Clinton 11 Feb (blank) Edward A. Rice Mollie A. Rice Henderson Detail
Newman, Georgia Emma Concord Twp Clinton 13 March (blank) C. Newman Mary E. Newman Woodward Detail
Andrews, Lathrop Twp Clinton 28 April (blank) Edward Andrews Elizabeth Andrews Brown Detail
Potter, Clay Edward Cameron MO Clinton 23 May (blank) T. E. Potter Mary B. Potter Barrett Detail
Stewart, nr Cameron MO Clinton 6 July (blank) Jack Stewart Fannie Steward Ward Detail
Calvert, Hardin Twp Clinton 13 Aug (blank) Howard G. Calvert Fannie Lee Calvert Zirkle Detail
Koch, Lafayette Twp MO Clinton 22 Oct (blank) Jeremiah A. Koch Mary Ann Koch Ward Detail
Austin, Frank Clinton co. MO Clinton 19 May 1886 Edward Austin Matilda Austin (blank) Detail
Woodward, Turney MO Clinton 3 Oct (blank) David Woodward Olive Woodward Sharp Detail
Oliver, Arlington Twp., Phelps Co. MO Maries 1/6/1884 James Elizabeth Edwards Detail
Saver, Adelia Relfe, MO Maries 1/19/1884 Edward Ball Eliz. Frances Lawson Detail
Glenn, Mahala May Dawson Twp., Phelps Co. MO Maries 1/28/1884 Edward Alice Cordelia Jenkins Detail
Gordon, Edward Rolla, MO Maries 2/27/1884 Absolom Betsy Ann Troxell Detail
Diehl, Edward Rolla, MO Maries 1/24/1884 George B. Sarah Roach Detail
Glang, Laura Elk Prairie, Phelps Co. MO Maries 1/25/1884 Edward C. Ida Gothe Detail
Edwards, Stephen H. Dillon Twp. Maries 2/17/1884 Stephen H. Elizabeth K. Matlock Detail
Diehl, Elk Prairie Maries 2/24/1884 Edward Mildy Day Detail
Seele, Edward Chas. Rolla, MO Maries 2/18/1884 Fred Emma Hohenschidt Detail
Daugherty, Arthur Edward Dillon Twp., Phelps Co. MO Maries 3/21/1884 Arthur Lee Sophie Detail
Edwards, E. St. James, MO Maries 5/1/1884 Arthur Emma Ziegler Detail
Dean, Sidney Edward Rolla, MO Maries 5/23/1884 Levi Nancy Jane Clark Detail
Moses, Nigel Edward Phelps County, MO Maries 8/6/1884 John Nana Rachel Car Detail
Dean, Edward Alex Phelps County, MO Maries 8/12/1884 Elix Jane Woolsey Detail
Jones, Cynthia Ann Rolla, MO Maries 10/26/1884 Edward Jones Catherine Stubblefield (unwed) Detail
George, Charles Edward Arlington Twp. Maries 9/1/1884 Chas.Adolphus Martha A. Chambers Detail
McCrac, Rowe Frances Rolla, MO Maries 2/26/85 Charles M. Edwarda S. Rogers Detail
Mellin, Cold Springs Twp., Phelps Co. MO Maries 3/20/1885 Edward James Isadore P. Riddle Detail
Spurgeon, Florence Bell St. James, MO Maries 8/23/85 Edward Ellen Gorman Detail
Oliver, Mary Elizabeth Phelps County, MO Maries 4/3/1886 James Elizabeth Edwards Detail
Rakey, August Edward Dillon Twp. Maries 3/23/1886 Henry Mary Miller Detail
Woolsey, Edward Oscar Cold Springs Twp. Maries 4/2/1886 James Preston Mary E. Turner Detail
Ward, Ollie Rolla, MO Maries 4/7/1886 Duke Cora Carp Detail
Glanz, Cold Springs Twp. Maries 3/12/1886 Edward E. Ida Goethe Detail
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