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Name Age Sex Color Date of Death County  
Daughter of Ric Lemley 2yr. 3mo. 7Sep1883 Scott Detail
Henry Williams 50 yrs. Male White 14Nov1883 Scott Detail
Henrietta Norman 16 yrs. Female White 14Nov1883 Scott Detail
Mary Powell 40 yrs. Female White 10Nov1883 Scott Detail
Fonville 40 yrs. Male White 8Jul1883 Scott Detail
Lorinda Bean 64yrs. 4mo. 28days Female White 8Nov1883 Scott Detail
Mrs. Julia A. M. Harlow 62yrs. 6mo. 23days Female White 27Nov1883 Scott Detail
Commodore D. Kendall 28yrs. 10mo. 23days Male White 26Nov1883 Scott Detail
Jefferson Sewell 18 years Male White 5Dec1883 Scott Detail
Josephine Norrid 25 years Female White 6Dec1883 Scott Detail
Earnest Carroll 11 days Male Mulatto 17Dec1883 Scott Detail
Ema Galliher 25 years Female White 9Dec1883 Scott Detail
Dixie Lenox Clason 22 yrs. 0mo. 17days Female White 3Jan1884 Scott Detail
Tom Greer 22 years Male Colored 13Dec1883 Scott Detail
Thos. Brazeal abt. 27 years Male White 2Dec1883 Scott Detail
Bob Gipson 2yrs. 6 mo. Male White 26Sep1883 Scott Detail
Alfred F. Chapman 54 years Male White 1Dec1883 Scott Detail
Polly Shoeberge 64 years Female White 26Dec1883 Scott Detail
Dora Bollinger 25 days Female White 31Jan1884 Scott Detail
Geo. Washington Byrnes 27 years Male White 7Feb1884 Scott Detail
Sarah Jane Wisdom 31yrs.8mo. 21days Female White 31Jan1884 Scott Detail
A. McLean 38 years Male White 5Jan1884 Scott Detail
Henry Dooms 41 years Male White 11Feb1884 Scott Detail
James Craig 38 years Male White 14Jan1884 Scott Detail
John Greenbery Greer 25yrs. 10mo. 9days Male White 17Jan1884 Scott Detail
R. A. McLean 43yrs. 4mo. 17days Female White 11Jan1884 Scott Detail
B. F. McClean 36yrs. 3mo. 28days Male White 15Jan1884 Scott Detail
Elizabeth Atres(?) 68yrs, 11mo. 22days Female White 17Jan1884 Scott Detail
Mrs. Metica A. Friend 64yrs. 8mo. 22days Female White 17Jan1884 Scott Detail
J. A. McLean Jr. 48yrs. 11mo. 2days Male White 28Jan1884 Scott Detail
Augusta E. Ebert 29 yrs. Female White 19Jan1884 Scott Detail
Almysa Ebert 2 yrs. Female White 19Jan1884 Scott Detail
Baby Ebert 7 days Female White 20Jan1884 Scott Detail
William Darby 65 yrs. Male White 21Dec1883 Scott Detail
Levada Nations 32 yrs. Female White 8Mar1884 Scott Detail
Doretha Deiters 54 yrs. Female White 22Mar1884 Scott Detail
Mary Francis Wilson 28yrs. 2mo. 23days Female White 28Feb1884 Scott Detail
Ellen Victory Home 20 yrs. 20Dec1883 Scott Detail
M. A. Nickels 52 yrs. Female White 18Feb1884 Scott Detail
Susan Schven 43yrs. 2mo. 0days Female White 26Feb1884 Scott Detail
Anton Oser 30 yrs. Male White 7Mar1884 Scott Detail
Samuel Harrison 49 yrs. Male White 11Mar1884 Scott Detail
John Harrison 22 yrs. Male White 20Mar1884 Scott Detail
Thomas Stone 25 yrs. Male White 15Mar1884 Scott Detail
Mary E. Barker 39 yrs. Female White 27Mar1884 Scott Detail
Charles Welder 7 months Male White 1Apr1884 Scott Detail
John Alexander Bean 2yrs. 3mo. 24days Male White 25-Mar Scott Detail
Nannie E. Hamilton 16 yrs. Female White 18-Jan Scott Detail
John Bryans 28yrs. 8mo. 15days Male White 4-Apr Scott Detail
Regina Haller 28yrs. 2mo. Female White 12-Jan Scott Detail
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