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1900-1960 Tuberculosis

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1840: A Revolution in Treatment

1851: A Place for a Cure

1870: Long Term Care

1900: Emerging Treatments

1900-1960: Tuberculosis

1956: Spiritual Health

1900-1980: Carnivals & Amusements

1900-1960: Life on the Ward

1960-1980: Life on the Wards

1930-1950: New Treatments

1950 to the Present: Drug Therapy

1947: Occupational Therapy

1930-1966: Surgical Treatment

1988: Social Learning Program

1957: Youth Program

1980: Outpatient Treatment

The Hopeful Future

1900-1960: Tuberculosis

In addition to mental illness, the hospital had to treat the physical health of its residents; tuberculosis presented a unique challenge to the staff, budget, and physical plant. In 1904, the disease accounted for nearly 25% of all patient deaths. In 1905, the General Assembly appropriated $35,000 to construct a tubercular unit to quarantine and treat patients-it was named for Governor Herbert S. Hadley.

Sun parlor of the tubercular hospital, 1915.
Sun parlor of the tubercular hospital, 1915.
Fulton State Hospital

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