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1988 Social Learning Program

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1851: A Place for a Cure

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1988: Social Learning Program

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The Hopeful Future

1988: Social Learning Program

Until 1988, no systematic method governed assignment of patients to wards in the Biggs Center. The result was a mixture of patients with varying mental and personality disorders and treatment needs. Staff, frustrated by the inability to gain consistent routines and orderly patient interaction, organized a committee to assess the problem. This resulted in the Social Learning Program (SLP) - a treatment plan rewarding good behavior. Patient socialization progress is evaluated by trained staff, who record and analyze group and personal interactions. The successful adaptation of SLP to a forensic facility has drawn national attention to the Biggs unit.

Charts like these are used to track patient's behavior and progress in the Social Learning Program. Patients collect tokens for good behavior.
Charts used in the Social Learning Program.
Fulton State Hospital

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