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Welcome to the Missouri State Archives! To ensure that we continue to meet your needs, we have developed these guidelines to make your Archives experience a pleasurable one.

Please sign the Archives Visitor Register to acknowledge that you have read and understand these policies.  Staff members are available to answer any questions you may have.  We appreciate your assistance in helping preserve our collections.

  1. Free lockers are available to store your personal possessions, including purses, briefcases, bags and coats. These items are not allowed in the research room. Archives holdings are legally protected by RSMo 570.210. Locker keys must be returned at the end of the day.

  2. Researchers are not allowed to bring food or drink into the Archives. A snack area is available on the second floor.  Smoking is not allowed inside the James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center.

  3. Staff members are available to offer instruction on the use of finding aids and equipment.

  4. The Archives stacks are closed to researchers; material is retrieved only by Archives staff.  To protect fragile holdings, the Archives reserves the right to restrict access, photocopying, and imaging of some material.  A maximum of two boxes of research material is allowed on tables at any time.  Researchers may be required to wear gloves (furnished) when using original materials in the reading room.  Researchers will be given microfilm or digital copies rather than original documents, if available. Advance request must be made for use of records from the stacks on Thursday evenings, Saturdays, and holidays.

  5. Only notebooks, pencils and research papers are allowed in the research room. Materials should be supported on the tables at all times to protect them from damage. 

  6. Tracing or writing on original material is not permitted to prevent damage to the records.

  7. Staff must retrieve microfilm in the Microfilm Reading Room. The Archives reserves the right to ask researchers to return microfilm at any time. We ask that you rewind the film when you are finished, place the reel in the correct box and deposit in the return basket.  Staff will refile microfilm boxes.

  8. Researchers may retrieve reading room materials; staff will reshelf.

  9. Please fill out a Copy Request Form to facilitate copying. In-house photocopies and copies made from microfilm cost $0.10 per page. Copy requests must be submitted no later than one hour before closing. Fees must be paid upon completion of the day's research. Copies may be mailed if payment is made in advance.

  10. Archives materials do not circulate and are not available through inter-library loan.