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FY2024 State Aid to Public Libraries

State Aid Certification – Eligibility

  • Missouri public libraries with a voted tax of at least $.10 per $100 assessed valuation are eligible to receive State Aid.
  • A municipal library without a direct voted tax but with city support equivalent to $.10 per $100 assessed valuation is also eligible for State Aid.
  • The latest levied tax rate must not be lower than the tax rate on December 31, 1946 or the date of establishment of the public library.
  • No State Aid grant shall be affected because of a mandated rollback in the rate of levy that is required by the provisions of section RSMo 137.073.  (see RSMo 181.060.2 which refers to the allowable reduction in the rate of levy if required by the Hancock Amendment)
  • Please see RSMo 181.060 and 15 CSR 30-200 for further language regarding state aid requirements.


State Aid Certification – Process

In order to be certified, the following three (3) forms must be completed and submitted to the Missouri State Library by email OR fax by July 31, 2023:

  1. State Aid Application - Please select appropriate form below

  2. List of Trustees – Please complete and return this form even if your library does not qualify for, or participate in, the State Aid program. The addresses are used for informational mailings to trustees.  

  3. Certification of Compliance Form – Public library certification of compliance with RSMo 182.255, RSMo 182.287, and 15 CSR 30-200.015, must be verified annually, no later than July 31. Indicate on the compliance form what method of filtering compliance is used by the library, and whether current required policies for 15 CSR 30-200.15 are on file and up to date with the state library.

Completion of the Public Library Survey is also a required part of the State Aid certification process.  This report has a November due date.

These forms must be completed and returned to the Missouri State Library or your library will NOT qualify for State Aid.

Email the forms to [email protected], OR

Fax the forms to (573) 751-3612


Helpful hints

  • We recommend that you printout and refer to the instruction sheets applicable to your type of library. See the Guide to Forms table below to determine the form you will need.
  • If you wish to refer to a particular statute, search for it at the Missouri Revisor of Statutes website.
  • If you have questions or experience difficulty using this site, please call (800) 325-0131.


Using the Adobe PDF forms for State Aid Application

  • Choose the correct instructions and forms, depending on the type of library.
  • Printout both blank forms and fill them in offline

Guide to Forms

Each of the links below open up a PDF document ( PDF Document ) inside a new tab/window.

Type of Library