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Technology Planning for Public Libraries

Technology Plans are no longer required for either E-Rate applications or for LSTA grants.


Several changes have been made in the E-Rate program because of the FCC's Modernization Order that was adopted on July 11, 2014. Step IV of the plan has three clauses that directly affect the library Technology Plan.

Beginning in funding year 2015, the Order eliminated the technology plan requirements for category two services. (The FCC eliminated the technology plan requirements for category one (then priority one) services in 2010). 

The Missouri State Library will continue to evaluate Technology Plans for any Missouri public library that requests this service. A public library that wants to have its plan evaluated may contact Janet Caruthers prior to plan creation for guidance. 


Technology Plan Writing:

Technology Plan Review for Public Libraries. Use this matrix to structure your plan. 

Technology Plan Guidelines for Missouri Public Libraries FY 2016. This gives details for each category in the plan matrix above.