The Five Roads to Reading 

Click on each image for tips on using the road with your child




     Love Books                                Sing and Rhyme                               Talk and Read

Have fun reading books you and your child enjoy.                  Play with sounds, songs and rhymes.                                    Explore words with your child.




                                             Tell Stories                                         Talk and Read

                      Create stories, play make-believe and let your child be the storyteller.            Find print everywhere. Play with words and letters.


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 For more information on early literacy, contact your local library. To find your local library, click here.  

For public libraries interested in starting an early literacy program using the Racing to Read model, have the director fill out the Terms of Use form located below and mail it to the Missouri State Library: 

Missouri State Library

Attn: Youth Services Consultant

PO Box 387

600 W. Main St. 

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Terms of Use