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Packing Records For Storage

How records are packed in a box decreases their susceptibility to fire, air or water damage. In the interest of document preservation, we ask cooperation in packing records.  The State Records Center only accepts records packed in standard one-cubic-foot boxes (item number 242.SZ) purchased through Missouri Vocational Enterprises (MVE). Legal-size files can only be packed lengthwise. Letter-size files should be packed at the front of the box (the front is where the label is located) with files perpendicular to the handhold. Then fill the remaining portion of the box with files placed parallel as shown.

Pack records firmly. In case of fire, densely packed cartons will burn at a slower rate and therefore have a better chance of survival. Leave only one or two inches of room in boxes for access and re-filing. Please do not pack metal ring binders in record center boxes.

alternate textThis is an example of a properly packed box of letter sized folders. The files are placed perpendicular to the front of the box and the remaining space is filled in with folders placed parallel to the back handle.

When records are sent to be stored, or to be microfilmed, and are contained in the same box, they must have the same record series. All records need to be in alpha or numeric order.

All boxes of records must be labeled with a records tracking system label on 3 ½" by 5" self-adhesive label stock. The label must be placed in the upper right hand corner. For more information about box labels, please refer to Affixing Box Labels.


If you have any questions, please contact the Records Management Office at (573) 751-3319 or by email at [email protected].