Tips for Using BARD

The following links provide useful information on using the various iterations of BARD.

NLS BARD: Frequently Asked Questions

Using BARD Online:

How to Complete a Download from BARD Online using JAWS 19 and Windows 10

Using BARD Mobile:

BARD Mobile for iOS/Apple:

Download BARD Mobile for iOS/Apple

Apple Accessibility Help for iPhone: Includes detailed VoiceOver instructions.

Apple Accessibility Help for iPad: Includes detailed VoiceOver instructions.

BARD User Guide, iOS, HTML

BARD User Guide, iOS, Braille 

BARD Mobile for Android:

Download BARD Mobile for Android

Android Accessibility Help: Includes detailed TalkBack instructions.

BARD User Guide, Android, HTML

BARD User Guide, Android, Braille


BARD Mobile for Kindle Fire:

Download BARD Mobile for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire Accessibility Overview

Kindle Fire Accessibility Help 

Using BARD Express:

General Tips for Using BARD:

  • Searching with the book number is the easiest way to locate known items.  
  • To search for a specific author, type their last name first then add a comma and the first name. 
    • If there is a middle name or initial, add that after the first name.
  • To search for a book on two or more subjects, link each subject with the word "and."
  • To search for a specific phrase or title, enclose the phrase or title in quotation marks.
  • Boolean searches using "Not" does not work.
  • To search for foreign language books, select the language from the "search by subject" feature to browse.