School Services

Eligibility Information

Students who cannot use standard printed materials due to:

  • Visual Disability
  • Physical Disability
  • Reading Disability

To learn more about who is eligible, visit the National Library Services (NLS) Eligibility page.

To learn more about services for people with reading disabilities, visit the Talking Books and Reading Disabilities page provided by the NLS.

Types of Schools Served

  • Primary (private and public)
  • Secondary (private and public)
  • Preschool
  • Head Start Programs
  • Daycare Facilities

Starting or Resuming School Services

Materials Available

  • Audio
  • Braille (contracted, uncontracted, and print/braille)
  • Large Print
  • Descriptive DVDs
  • Print/Braille Games
  • STEM Kits

Wolfner Library does not provide access to textbooks in any format.

Youth Materials and Programs

Loan Period 

Ways to Order Materials

Please note: When a school orders books from Wolfner Library, they are checked out to the school, not the students. Wolfner Library recommends that you not let students take home books lent to the school. Each student can have equipment at home through his or her individual account. In addition, if students use the BARD Mobile app on a school tablet, they should use the school’s BARD account, not their own. Conversely, if students use their own tablets, they should access their own BARD account.