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Youth Materials and Programs


Updated January 2021

Find books, storytimes, podcasts and more for youth ages 18 and under.


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Wolfie's Den

Wolfie's Crafting Corner

Family Night Fun


Racing to Read Early Literacy Program


Teen Writing Contest Winners 2017-2020

Youth Summer Reading Club

Past Youth Summer Reading Lists

Coming Soon:

  • Crafts:
    • March-Dr. Seuss Craft
    • April-Quacking Duck Craft
    • May-Squirrel Pipe Cleaner Craft
    • June-Firefly Craft/Caterpillar Leaf Craft
    • July-Fish Card Craft/Fish Aquarium Craft
  • Podcasts:
    • Self-Advocacy for Blind Individuals
  • Storytimes:
    • March-Spring Theme
    • April-Lullabies by Missourian Eugene Field Sr.
    • May-Animals Living in Trees

TeenTober: Activities for Teens

Wolfie's Den: Join our pack as we read stories and sing songs!

Wolfie's Crafting Corner: Get crafty as we try out different crafts related to books available in our collection.

Family Night Fun

Past Youth Summer Reading Lists