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1880-1925 The Hospital Expands

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1849: A Commodious House

1855: Early Obstacles

1865-1875: A Period of Rebuilding

1880-1925: The Hospital Expands

1925-1940: Continued Growth

1900: A Self-Sufficient Community

1956: From the Ashes

1937: Biggs Center for the Criminally Insane

1984: End of the Farm

1880-1925: The Hospital Expands

Fulton architect M. F. Bell supervised a major renovation and expansion of the asylum in the late 1880s, permitting the institution to raise its capacity to 550 by decade's end. In subsequent years, Bell continued to collaborate with superintendents to upgrade and expand the facility. Using part of a $125,000 federal payment reimbursing Missouri for damage done to the asylum by Union soldiers during the Civil War, he oversaw the addition of the Corinthian columns to the administration building in 1916.

View of the State Lunatic Asylum and grounds, 1884.
View of the State Lunatic Asylum and grounds, 1884.
Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society

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