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1900 A self-sufficient community

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1849: A Commodious House

1855: Early Obstacles

1865-1875: A Period of Rebuilding

1880-1925: The Hospital Expands

1925-1940: Continued Growth

1900: A Self-Sufficient Community

1956: From the Ashes

1937: Biggs Center for the Criminally Insane

1984: End of the Farm

1900: A Self-Sufficient Community

As originally envisioned in 1845, several hundred acres of farmland owned by the asylum greatly diminished the cost of running the institution and significantly improved the mental and physical health of the patients. Remaining committed to that vision, by 1938, the asylum not only supplemented its fruit, grain, meat, and dairy needs but also, on average, produced 1,361 garments each month, including such items as rugs, gloves, bloomers, gowns, coats, window shades, dresses, towels, sheets and shirts.

Patients at work in the hospital laundry, c. 1910
Patients at work in the hospital laundry, c. 1910
Fulton State Hospital


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