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1984 End of the Farm

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1849: A Commodious House

1855: Early Obstacles

1865-1875: A Period of Rebuilding

1880-1925: The Hospital Expands

1925-1940: Continued Growth

1900: A Self-Sufficient Community

1956: From the Ashes

1937: Biggs Center for the Criminally Insane

1984: End of the Farm

1984: End of the Farm

For over a century, the Fulton State Hospital's farm provided food for its own patients, as well as those of other state institutions. The dairy herd of registered Holsteins included state fair winners, a source of pride for the hospital. Initially, hospital residents furnished the low-cost labor necessary to run the farm, but as de-institutionalization forced a decline in patients, the operation seemed superfluous. State audits questioned whether on-site food production was economical and the farm ceased operation--the last of the dairy herd was sold in 1984.

Dairy herd, State Lunatic Asylum No. 1, c. 1900.
Dairy herd, State Lunatic Asylum No. 1, c. 1900.
Kingdom of Callaway Historical Society

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