E-Payment Convenience Fees

Beginning Thursday, January 29, 2015, and pursuant to the Missouri general assembly’s passage of HB 1094 in 2012, the Business Services Division of the Office of the Missouri Secretary of State is no longer permitted to pay convenience fees on credit cards, e-checks and ACH payments. Due to this change in Missouri law by the state legislature, customers that make online and in-person payments using these methods will now incur a separate convenience fee in addition to any applicable filing fee.

Credit card transactions will incur a convenience fee based upon the total transaction amount, and e-check payments will incur a flat convenience fee of $0.50 per transaction. There is no additional fee for cash, check or ACH payments.


Convenience Fee Amount

Credit Cards


2% + $0.25



The process for customers to file documents and make payments will not change. It is the same process our office has used for years to process electronic payments. All convenience fees will be paid to an e-payment vendor at the time of the transaction, so these fees will not be assessed, collected, or retained by the state.

Please contact our Corporations, Commissions, or UCC divisions if you have any questions.