Trademarks & Service Marks

The registration of trademarks and service marks is handled by the Corporations Section of Business Services. Registration of a mark with the Missouri Secretary of State's office secures certain rights and interests for the registrant in the state of Missouri. Proper registration prohibits anyone other than the owner of the mark from using the mark without the owner's consent for a period of ten years, subject to certain condition.

Subject to limitations set forth in RSMo 417.005 to 417.066, any person who adopts and uses a mark in this state may file that mark in the Office of the Secretary of State.

Please refer to RSMo 417.005 to 417.066 for information on Missouri statutes affecting the registration of trademarks.

To register or renew marks, or to assign a mark, download the forms using the links provided below and follow the attached instructions:



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To complete research on federal trademark or service mark registrations, or to learn more about the process and the regulations for the same, visit the website for the United States Patent and Trademark Office.