Annual and Biennial Registration Reports

We recently upgraded to a new enhanced filing system. With the new system, all customers must have a user account associated with a valid email address. Make sure to confirm your account with the message emailed to the account provided at registration before attempting to log in to the system. If you have a confirmed account and are needing directions for filing your report see below:

To file a biennial report

  • After creating an account/logging in, go to your dashboard:
  • On the left hand side select New Filing
  • Then click Update a Company
  • Enter the name or charter number in the search box
  • Then select the entity
  • Select Biennial Registration Report and click Start.

To file an annual report

  • After creating an account/logging in, go to your dashboard:
  • In the center column under Update a Company
  • Enter the charter number or name of the entity for which you are filing a registration report
  • Click the blue button File Return/Renewal.

To print a registration report online

  • After creating an account/logging in, go to your dashboard:
  • Search at the top of the screen for the entity name or charter number click on your entity
  • Under the Copies/Certificates tab at the top select the annual or biennial by clicking Order
  • Add the item to your cart
  • Then at the top where your cart is click $0.00
  • Click checkout
  • Click Continue
  • Click Confirm and Continue
  • From there go to the Orders tab on the left hand side.
  • At the top of the list should be your report click the download arrow and print as normal your report.

If a filer has not created a user account since July 2020, a new account setup is required, and can be done so at Please see our user guide on the steps to creating a new user account.

To file online log in to your online portal.

Tips for online filing:

Filing online will reduce fees associated with the report. An entity that is eligible may file a biennial report, if a red error message flashes on the screen stating the entity is not eligible then an annual report may be filed and a biennial report can be filed next year. 

All addresses must be valid whether filing online or paper. Addresses can be check by going to If your address is not found please contact your local post office to have it added into the Address Management System.

Each entity is required to list their officers and directors. If one individual holds multiple roles make sure to check the box for each position held. There is no need to enter an individual more than once.  

If changing the registered agent a letter of consent must be uploaded. The letter of consent is a statement from the new Registered Agent signed and stating they consent to being the Registered Agent.

If the current address of the entities registered agent does not match the present address of the agent, the filer can accept the update, change the agent, or change the agents address. Note if you change the agent's address and the agent is a corporation the filing will be returned until the corporation has updated the address.

Our new system’s search is quite particular regarding spacing and punctuation.  The least amount of information you can input during a search is best. If looking up an entity it is best to use the Charter Number found on the front of the reminder.

To retrieve a filed report choose My Filings on the left hand menu then select Registered tab. The filed document can be downloaded.