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Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB)

The Missouri Historical Records Grant Program

The Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board (MHRAB) is the central advisory board for historical records planning and for projects relating to historical records developed and carried out within the state of Missouri. The MHRAB provides state-level appraisal of grant proposals submitted to the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) by Missouri repositories and serves as the review and award panel for grant applications submitted to the Missouri Historical Records Grant Program and the Local Records Preservation Grant Program. In addition, the MHRAB maintains an online directory of Missouri’s historical records repositories.

The board is governed by state statute (RSMo 109.221) and consists of thirteen members – twelve appointed by the governor, with the consent of the senate, in addition to the executive director of the State Historical Society of Missouri. The secretary of state holds the position of state historical records coordinator and chairs the board, with the assistance of the state archivist, who serves as deputy coordinator. Federal regulations require board members to have experience and interest in the collection, administration and use of historical records and a dedication to the preservation and access of Missouri's documentary heritage. Over the years, archivists, curators, records managers, legislators, librarians and family historians have served on the MHRAB.

Information on the MHRAB’s activities is reported yearly as part of the Missouri State Archives Annual Report. The board’s activities are guided by its strategic plan, Securing Our Documentary Heritage: A Plan for the Preservation of Missouri’s Historical Records. This plan is the result of a statewide assessment and planning effort conducted by the MHRAB to explore the challenges faced by the historical community and formulate a cohesive plan for preserving and providing access to Missouri's historical records. This initiative was funded by a federal grant from the NHPRC and included a statewide survey of historical records repositories, on-site appraisals and regional meetings.

For more information about the Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board, or historic records planning in our state, call (573) 526-1981 or e-mail [email protected]. A brochure on the MHRAB is also available.

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