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Missouri State Library Certifications and Document Filing Schedule


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 All dates are for postmark of materials or completion of Web-submitted forms.




Form Type


Athletes and Entertainers Use of Funds Report
Required annually to receive annual Athlete and Entertainer Tax funds. 

Athlete and Entertainers Use of Funds Report


Equalization Use of Funds Report
Required for County, Consolidated, or Regional Library districts receiving Equalization Grant. 

Equalization Use of Funds Report


State Aid Certification
Required annually to receive state aid funds approved by the Missouri General Assembly. Please note -- Each type of library district has a different form.

State Aid Certification Forms
Forms must be completed, signed (accepted by email, fax, or mail). 


List of Trustees
Required to verify information on state aid forms and update our mailing list

Forms must be completed and submitted (email, fax, or mail).
Please send in all three forms together. 


Filtering Certification
Required annually for compliance with RSMo 182.825 and 182.827.

Certification of Compliance Form

Mid- September

Summer Reading Program Survey
Collected annually, to continue receiving Summer Reading Program materials from the state library.

Exact date will appear under Announcements here


Public Library Survey (Statistical Report)
Required annually. Beginning in 2008, public library statistics are submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to be aggregated at the state and national levels.

Libraries will receive instructions and login and password information in August. Libraries must submit their data through the online Bibliostat Collect program. 

Dates Vary

LSTA Grant Applications

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